Hi, everyone, it has been a long time since I blogged. Recently I have felt the urge to return, so I am just testing the waters and seeing if this works. The photographs are of my more recent work, including fused glass and ceramics. Much love Harry

A quick post

“Our Fabulous Online Market Sale returns to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the first online Purky sales. The link to the market is here! https://www.facebook.com/events/450764101766963/ A Triumphant Return of Purky showcase Glass. This Market takes place entirely online and will have items crafted from Ceramics, Glass, Polymer Clay and possibly […]

Purky Products Mega May Market

“This market is entirely focused upon my handmade beads, buttons and cabochons! Items crafted from Ceramics, Glass, Polymer Clay and possibly metals shall be available! The market takes place entirely online and can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/827271704033140/ Items are listed with a photograph and description. The first person to comment […]

April, Beads, Buttons and Cabochons Online Market

“Handglazed artisan skulls. Each measures approximately 9.5cm in height. Cost £30.00 including uk postage” From Purky Skulls 2015, posted by Purky Products on 2/17/2015 (18 items) Purky Skull 2015 Handglazed to order £30.00 including postage Purky Skull 2015 Handglazed to order £30.00 including postage Purky Skull 2015 Handglazed to order […]

Purky Skulls

“Opening salvo in a collection of handfused glass and custom laser cut brass jewellery. Each glass cabochon is made in Bernice or Bertha (the Purky kilns) and is attached to a laser cut brass item. Gears are designed by Purky Products and laser cut on a giant bond villain laser […]

Purky Brass n Glass Collection

“A selection of mixed media Wall Art created in 2014 These pieces have been crafted from polymer clay, fused glass, found objects, pigments and much more.” From Purky Wall Art 2014, posted by Purky Products on 12/16/2014 (27 items) Rapture Close up Rapture Thief Thief Detail shot Thief Thief Detail […]

Purky Wall Art 2014

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Lots of exciting news to share with you. I have been in Making Jewellery magazine for a fourth time, with a designer profile. I have an exhibition at a fabulous cafe in Glastonbury starting in April. The Purky Site has had a swift […]

Lots of excitement!

So been thinking about this on and off for a year now. The Purky Studio is somewhat limited in equipment and to really achieve the artistic aspirations and dreams that I have, it is time to upgrade. Bertha is a wonderful little beast but constant use is starting to wear […]


“This is an album with step by step photos of how I created my wall art piece ‘Skull Two’ he or she may become part of a series and is my first large scale piece of wall art. Made using mixed media techniques the finished piece is yet to be […]

The Creation of Skull Two