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Acid Butterflies ready to fly

I have had a really odd weekend. I worked massive overtime to get a commissioned project finished (10 personalised double stranded rune bracelets) and it left me exhausted, plus I helped my lovely friends Maya and Petra move house.
However, I thought I should find time to pop these butterflies up here. Hand crafted and inspired by tiffany lamps, raves and acid colours these guys are mounted on my standard bails. 

 Unusually for me they are exclusively on sale at Minerva beads and crafts in Glastonbury, although I am going to do some interesting variations for my own experiments soon. I have images of lovely fine chains and semi precious stones, maybe some pearls as well.

The technique for these was lifted directly from my Ghostie pins and pendants. That in itself was lifted from shadow work textile technique.

 I have lots to do this week, mostly involving orders and shipping them out. Plus my usual markets and I am savagely attacking the clutter in my house. In the new year I am going back to work to build up some funds to reinvest into Purky Products. I am starting to plan next years products and have high hopes.

 I was a bit naughty and gave my DH one of his Christmas presents early this evening. Its an electronic cigarette that dispenses a dose of nicotine without all the tar and bad stuff. The end lights up and it gives out water vapour to give the sensation of really smoking. Whilst strictly I do not approve of him being a nicotine addict at least its not as toxic as proper smoking.

I appear to have run out of photographs so shall bring my paragraphs to a conclusion. Catch you later guys xx

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Purky experiments

Double posting because I need to put some more out there!

I am experimenting with smaller things at the moment using my canes. Also trying to develop some niche products 🙂

and here are some bookmarks 😛

I have lots to say at the moment but I come to sit down and type and nothing appears. Quite an odd sensation because in the flesh I am gregarious and verbose.

On Tuesday I popped into Minerva Beads in Glastonbury to chat to my friend Tabatha and catch up on some craftiness. Feel better for a bit of an arty recharge. We had choux buns and tea whilst discussing beadiness 🙂

Going to pop off now and promise to post a bit more frequently 🙂

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Wincanton Farmers Markets


I am back sort of, trying to get some more discipline in my professional life. I traded at the farmer’s market in my home town and it was quite interesting.

For the first time the organisers intergrated crafty folk into the mix and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

I have actually got photos and details of all the crafty folk involved and voila!

 Tamsin G – lovely lady makes crocheted items and much more. Currently has a shop in Wincanton High Street.

Joy and Emma, a dynamic duo who work wonders with pork 😀

Veronica is a talented glass artist whom I think is based in Frome. 

Rowan Meade is an artisan choclatier from Street.

Mary Straker is another crafty lady, catch her at

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Thursday? THURSDAY?

It might strike you that a common theme of this blog other than Purkiness is my inability to cope with the space time continuam. I love time and the way it elapses erratically, sometimes flying by and other times dragging. Just part of the cosmic humour that envelops us all.

However, its Thursday? When did that happen. Mister Loaf was frankly amazing in concert as was his support act Imelda May. Cardiff is a lovely city and my DH and I had a brilliant time up there.

Now I am back, there is some serious studio catching up to do and all of a sudden there is only 23 days until Christmas, or even less time until Yule.

So au revoir for now.

Pictures and Purkys to follow.

H xx