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A sort of Catch up type post :)

It seems like great big long stretches pass where nothing really happens in Purkdom but the last month has been a tad hectic.

Getting ready for the chocolate festival and hogswatch took a lot of effort and I am finding full time work prohibitive to my creativity. Without full time work though, I would have no where to live, sigh!

I was working until 2am most mornings for a good fortnight and it seemed to be ok, the folks at work said I was a tad tetchy, I apologised profusely. Also got suitably embarressed when I made a few mistakes due to tiredness and being distracted by my personal projects.

Chocolate festival completed, it was time to get the final preparations done for my storytelling performance ‘The Monster Chef’ It went pretty well and really deserves a complete post all to itself but ho hum.

I raised just over £300 for charity and the audience seemed quite pleased with the entertainent. I am not happy with my performance and I did not allow myself enough time to prepare which showed in the end. Next scheduled performance is in Spring so got some time to work on it.

I went to see Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, he was utterly brilliant. I also loved seeing Muriel Lavender perform her poetry and a young acoustic duo called Indigo Children sing. There was also a bit of burlesque as well.

I couldn’t resist the call of Bristol and headed over to the South Pre-Hibearnation event. I have a terrible weakness for hirsute men and had a fun evening, well early morning really.  I met a really lovely chap and caught up with some folks I have met before. In the process of building  a new friendship network hopefully.

This guy? well he is tall and alternative and has a voice like hot melted chocolate. We shall see if any thing develops, hey?

I think that is all for now?

Oh, I also popped across to the Artisan Market in Frome which had some lovely things. I treated myself to a new bauble for my christmas tree when I eventually put it up. Also bought some special Strawberry and Vanilla Jam from Jo Harrington and some amazing smelling raw hot chocolate from 🙂

I am popping off for now but thats whats been occuring in terms of fun stuff. I did have some post success depression in the week following my trading events and storytelling but hoping that has eased off for a few days now.

Nearly forgot to mention, I traded at the Wincanton Farmers Christmas Market which was cool. Folks were impressed with my work and display. I was super happy when some people that I respect very much told me my business was looking very professional and respectable. Brought me a lot of joy 🙂

Big hugs to you all and catch you soon xxx