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Heart of Purky

I like to think of love as being two people connecting and forming a bond. These bonds can last forever or maybe even a few days or hours.

The cynic in me says Love is either hormonal chemicals or social convenience but the real me has a very different opinion.

These heart pendants have not been made to cash in on Valentines Day. Recently I started to fall for an amazing guy but after a pretty intense eight weeks we have cooled down. That sensation of being entirely at the mercy of your heart and feelings is so intoxicating, bewildering and magnificent.

I have contrasted fractured metal leaf against Mokume Nendo. Both techniques are unpredictable and need careful handling to get the best results. They contrast with one another but show their closeness. The join is not smooth but toothed and meshed.

A bit like Love.

Purky Products is all about Handcrafted Joy.

What is Love if not the knife edge of Joy?

My Purkiest kisses for you all xxx

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End of Chapter…..

So, my Mother’s home, where I grew up and cared for her.

It is a long story but that house is no longer our family home. I retrieved the last of my belongings from there on Friday night and its unlikely I am going to return to it.

I found a box of my old pottery items. When I was little I attended the pottery club at Primary school and made all sorts of things. Most of them were smashed or damaged and I finished the job. Destroying what was left apart from a few choice pieces.

This was not an act of rampant emotion but a calm decision. I do not want to keep damaged, broken, memories of a long faded past.

I am a grown man, with his own creative business and a kiln. My future will have new beautiful ceramic pieces in it. Those broken fragments can be consigned to my memories.

As far as I am concerned that chapter is closed.

2012 will be about the reconstruction and reinforcement of who I am. 

Now, I have a small one bed apartment that is rammed with ghosts that must be dealt with. Some beautiful and important things were rescued from that house that have fond memories for me. Others, less so but they can be sorted and sold on Ebay or simply discarded.

My big Sister has been amazing in sorting out the house and taken on the brunt of the work. She is to be commended and proffered lots of hugs. I am going to make her something really pretty.

Purky Hugs


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Purky Gearpunk

I do not like steampunk as an aesthetic…. Actually I feel guilty about it because on paper, it is so damned cool?

Anyways, steam is not my thing but Gears?

My gosh Gears make crazy, I love them!

I could literally cover my home in gear murals, even carve ornated tudor style plaster ceiling bosses in the shape of gears.

So, in celebration of the humble gear and cog, I dub my new style….GearPunk

There will be experiments, many many experiments before GearPunk hits the Purky lineup but it is coming sometime this year….mwah ha ha ha

Purky love to you all xxx

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Old Friends

Once upon a time, I used to sculpt dragons. They came from my story universe called Alveon and had stories and certificates.

First a portrait of Imotir, a dragon of Alveon he is known as the ‘Immortal’ due to his dubious ethical practises. This likeness of him was sculpted in 2007 and was 25 inches from nose to tail.

Next up, Dragon Hatchling, Halensil. I do not know that much about this chap but he is from 2007 as well.

Dalminok, a mean dragon hatchling. He grows up full of attitude methinks. 2007 again folks!

Such a sad face, my favourite dragon hatchling sculpture. This is Taolifiren. I kept him but sold his siblings. Sculpted in 2007.

I find sculpting horribly stressful but quite tempted to return to dragons later this year, what do you think?

Purky Love


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Just so you know….

I haven’t actually dissapeared off the face of the Planet.

It has been a hectic 8 weeks. I fell for that amazing chap I met in December, I am clearing my Mother’s house, I journeyed North for Christmas and to Cardiff for New Years.

I have started working on the new Purky Portfolio, made contact with large companies, started planning the first Purky show, started writing the Goblin Tailor performance.

I am writing the design document for the new Purky Products webpages, writing a new business plan, designing ten new ranges!

Phil and I are reconciled as Cat and Companion which is rather spiffing.

What else? I have a radical new direction for the business which shall be unveiled in due course.

Just to keep it ticking though, have a random smattering of Purky Pictures, they are being considered for the Portfolio 🙂

 Leaf Brooch – £10.00

 A selection of Revolution Pendants, all sold!

Golden Dragonfly Pendant £10.00 

 Embossed Pendant Experiment 🙂

 Filigree Mokume Nendo Pendant Experiment

Mobius Leaf Pendant Experiment 🙂

So, there we go, I will get back to blogging properly very soon, oh lovely folk.

Big Hugs

Purky xxx