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A very Purky occassion

On the 1st of April 2012  Purky Products will be having an all day show at the fabulous Cat Cafe.é/237172543018770

Entertainment will be provided by the International darling of the Edinburgh Fringe, Muriel Lavender with her daring rhymes and unique Poetrix style!

Also, the marvelous Daniel Apsey will be performing Swing and rock classics throughout the day.

Come and join us for a Purky Party!

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The Cat Cafe

So I had a lovely morning with the delightful experimenting with product photography.

We popped out in the evening to see Rebecca Chambers and the Dave Walton Trio perform at the Cat Cafe in town.

I have been meaning to blog about the Cat for ages it is a great place.

There is going to be a Purky Products one day show in here, more details to follow.

I had a great time and despite my incredibly tight budget managed to get in a few drinkies 🙂

Plus I think I scrubbed up pretty well for the occassion?
Spending today sorting out listings on folksy and doing housey things
Much love to you all
Purky x

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Big scary budgets

Or rather miniscule scary budgets….

I have approx ten pounds a week for food…so how does forty pounds a month play out?

UHT skimmed milk 1 litre cartons – 49p (tesco)
Tesco value oats – 1.5kg – £1.50
Ainsley Harriot morrocan sensation couscous (30 servings) £5.00 (costco)
Textured vegetable protein 500g – £
Red lentils –
Tinned butterbeans –
Tinned chickpeas –
1kg Frozen peas – £1.00 (Morrisons)
1kg frozen sweetcorn – £1.00 (Morrisons)
1kg frozen brocolli – £1.00 (Morrisons)
1kg frozen mixed veg – £1.00 (Tesco)
2kg Strong Bread Flour – £1.50 (Morrisons)

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Where I am….


time for one of those posts where I am not talking about my work. I am in quite a strange place in my life.

On one side, my Folksy shop ( launched successfully last week and hit its sales targets. I have met some nice chaps, enjoyed the company of my friends.

On the other, I am not sleeping, do not have enough money to pay the rent, bills and buy food. Emotionally I am still recovering from the loss of my mother and my big breakup.

It is like I am looking over an abyss of drink, sex and other consumptions that wants me to jump back in. Despite the things that are positive in my life and my attempts to focus upon them. I am rather depressed.

However, Purky Products hit its sales target in the first week on Folksy – that is fabulous and I am very pleased. It bodes well for a Purky future.

I am surrounded by people who love me and care about me. For that I am so grateful and lucky.

Bills are just bills, they are always there, I can manage and will manage.

A very sage older friend of mine said (this is a paraphrase)

‘You are drawn to the darkness because you know how to handle it, how it feels to be surrounded by that negativity. The light scares you because you are not used to it and do not know how to handle your impending success’

What a dude, huh? Love him to bits.

I need to ensure my impending success by building confidence, working on my business and looking to the bright future that I can create for myself.

Much Purky love


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Gearpunk Tunnels

Just a quickie, these are 12mm stainless steel flesh tunnels that have been Purky Gearpunked.

They coincide with the piece I made as a gift for a friend and use the same mokume nendo slab and fractured leaf.

Padding out the interior of the tunnel to make the end plates fit was an interesting challenge.

These pieces are not quite as highly finished as I would hope them to be but illustrate and exciting new Purky direction 🙂

Plus, I hope he liked them ….

Massive amounts of Purky loving!


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The D.I.Y Light Tent

So, in an attempt to bring Purky to the masses and create the portfolio, the online sales listings and various other things.

I need a light tent in order to take decent photographs.

The resources available? Some silk I had lying around, an upturned Ikea Lack Table and some table lamps…


But what is that shadow we see lurking?

Well, it is Phil of course who has declared this to be his private playhouse….sigh.

Next day after some frankly lacklustre photography I asked my boss if I could borrow some old Par Cans (so old they have huge bulbs instead of LEDs!) and I tried again.

Without proper diffusers I found that I got reasonable results tilting the par can away from the lit area to give a back wash to help photography.

When I eventually finish unpacking the studio (yup 6 months in and still doing it) and find the proper professional light tent, I will have another bash at upgrading my photos.

Toodle pip for now!

Purky xxx

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The Marvelous Sugarbean!

A short while ago I posted some sample beads to a very talented lady to see what she thought of the prototypes.

Imagine my total delight when I recieved a parcel on Saturday.

I knew something had been posted to me, so was rather excited to discover it on my doorstep.

There was a lovely letter and I spied something chocolatey and tasty!

So a brilliant book on selling crafts online, a box of maltesers and an anonomous brown box….

Inside were these beautifully packaged nuggets of joy.

I will take proper photographs of all these pieces but just had to share what I had recieved.

Look at all the clever intricate beadwork!

I must say that my enthusiasm for the products that I sent off as prototypes has massively increased.

The grand plan is that Purky Products will begin selling handcrafted beads and buttons alongside items of finished jewellery. Look at the fabulous things you could create.

I will post a bio on this marvelous creative lady later in the week (after I have checked she does not mind the personal exposure)

Big Purky hugs

(and send me as much stuff as you like, just email me for the address!)

H xxx