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My first web article!

Hi guys, I am working manically getting ready for the First Purky Party!

I wrote a web article for the Wincanton Window which is a volunteer run local webzine for my home town.

They accepted it and have published it online – HERE!

It is well worth checking out the Window for local news, issues and events in Wincanton.

Their address is

I promise to do proper catch up blogging soon my lovely Purkians, I am just so so tired right now!

Come and befriend Purky on facebook and lets keep in touch!

Huge hugs, I am now off to go and catch up on some sleep!


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Purky Paints

I don’t often mention it but I love painting and have an ambition to one day be skilled enough to sell my art work alongside my jewellery and other work.

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A whole month away?

Sorry everyone, I am not quite sure how I have managed to not blog for a month but I am back now.

I have posts coming on events I have been to, people I have met, things I have made.

Tutorials and philosophical musings.

Looking forward to sharing everyone xxx