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The Dark and Curious Market

The Dark and Curious Market is a new venture.
Following the recent success of the Purky Parties I have created a new sister company to Purky Products – Purky Productions.
 It is my intention to bring exciting events to Wincanton and surrounding towns.
The first market event being both Dark and Curious!
I have assembled a crew of Tarot Readers, Reiki Healers, Jewellers, artisans, craftspeople and entertainers over the course of this year and brought them together for a different kind of market.
There is also free entertainment throughout the day! 
Come and join us at the Nog Inn Function room on October 28th why not treat yourself to Sunday lunch as well?
It is free entry and the doors open at 11am.
I am very much looking forward to seeing you there.
Captain Purky

Would you like to join Captain Purky’s crew? He is always looking for artists, performers, venues and interesting creative folks to perform and trade at his events.

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Arcane Encounters

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘What is an Arcane Encounter?’ well my friends.
Arcane Encounters is not a magic show, nor is it a demonstration of clairvoyant ability. This is something else.
It is an up close and personal voyage into the unknown. 
The techniques of a séance with the intrigue and excitement of a ghost hunt wrapped up in an evening of paranormal, interactive entertainment.
Audience members will have the opportunity to hold and experience objects with a haunted past, make contact with the spirits that are around them and even feel or see a ghost themselves!
There will be demonstrations of the various techniques used in a séance, including automatic writing, table turning and even the Ouija board itself!
Dare you approach the dark with your eyes open?
Come and join us at the Nog Inn Function room on October 27th
Tickets are £9.00 in advance from Purky Productions ( or £10.00 on the door.
If you spook easily, bring a group of your friends to hold your hand!
I am very much looking forward to seeing you there.
Captain Purky
(Please note this event is for adults only and will take place in candlelit surroundings.)

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A mixed few months

Hello….failed at blogging every day….hugeous apologious! (actual spell)

Here is a list as a recap as to what has been happening in the purkiverse!

  • Horrible depression
  • Creative genius
  • Fear and self loathing
  • Falling in Love! (been rather enjoying that)
  • Anniversary of Mum dying
  • Planting beautiful bulbs upon her grave ready for spring
  • formulating business plans
  • trading at lots of exciting shows
  • Organising lots of events
  • Being horribly stressed at work
  • Taking on a second job
  • Leaving the second job
  • Going part time at job one
  • Moving house!
  • My beloved cat being run over
  • My beloved cat not dying (thank goodness)
  • and lots lots lots more stuff has been occuring.

So guys I apologise for not blogging and not posting pictures and being rubbish. However, when my new part time hours kick in, I shall be blogging at least once a week again, if not more.

Lots of love to you all

Captain Purky xx