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New Ideas

Currently my partner and I are in the process of doing battle with our home. It is frankly cluttered and disorganised. Last year we took in Lodgers and lost access to one of the rooms, we moved our things around, didnt really deal with it when the lodgers moved out and so there is lots of chaos.

I really love zoned spaces so at the moment I am trying to create a distinct office for my partner, a proper bedroom for us and a proper studio space for me.

It is sort of working but of course it is a bigger job than we anticipated.

What is rather lovely is that the process of tidying things is kickstarting my brain and I am having creative ideas again, particuarly for polymer clay. This is a huge relief because I thought I had lost touch with the material. My suspicion is that when I pick up some clay to work in it I shall struggle but hoping my skills will return. Over the years, as I have explored other materials such as metal and glass I have become less exploratory with polymer clay. I have been relying upon old favourites from my customers and not pushed the envelope.

This must change, I have been published three times now as a polymer clay artist in a national jewellery magazine. Time to change, grow and evolve. Hoping to pull in techniques from the new materials I have explored and revisit and renew my favourite ideas from the past.

Got an urge to make larger polymer clay pieces and to charge appropriately for them. I have always underpriced the level of skill and time that I put into my polymer clay. Time to shake that up and rather than limit my work to suit my perception of the market value to simply make what I want. Charge what is appropriate and worry if anyone will buy it later on.