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So been thinking about this on and off for a year now.

The Purky Studio is somewhat limited in equipment and to really achieve the artistic aspirations and dreams that I have, it is time to upgrade.

Bertha is a wonderful little beast but constant use is starting to wear her out and it is time for a big sister. This would allow me to create much larger pieces, to work more small pieces at the same time, to expand my creative horizons.

Ideally Bertha needs a service also. Her internal walls are starting to erode away and the hinges on her door are starting to disintergrate. (Literally crumbling/burning away from high heat work)

Would you folks consider (you are already so astonishing so I hesitate to ask) being part of a Kickstarter project for Purky Products?

Ostensibly the project would be to purchase a larger kiln, enabling the production of glass vessels, such as platters, vases and sculptures, large ceramic pieces, such as hides, luminaries, vases and sculptures. Plus associated materials for such endevours.

This would massively open the scope of Purky Products and give me the opportunity to wholesale my work and reach out to potential stockists and retailers with the capacity to realistically fulfil orders.

The Kickstarter money would also be used to pay the booking fees for shows across the country in multiple different fandoms and niches. Comic cons, reptile expos, faery gatherings, sci fi extravaganzas and the like.

I would off course offer beautiful and intriguing perks for those who assisted with the kickstart.

With your support Purky Products has managed to survive. In fact with your support you have allowed both the Commander and I to survive the loss of my job, the Zapp family shop and many other trials.

If I could be so bold as to ask again, would you like to be part of Purky flourishing?

You are all superstars and my daily correspondence with you brings so much light, hope and laughter to my life.

If the answer is no, then I entirely understand and shall continue to work hard and with great dedication.

If the potential answer is yes, then I shall put together a Kickstarter.

Much love on a wet Wednesday.

Harry x