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A friendly kick up the arse

I had coffee with the lovely Louisa and vibrant Victoria earlier today and quite unexpectedly it kicked me up the arse.

I have spent too much time inside Purky Towers being sad and quiet and all that kind of stuff. To reconnect with some friends in a bizarely painted cafe has done me lots of good.

Plus the lovely Vix has her own blog with crafty stuff on it ( and she has made a funky cupcake wreath. I had to go upstairs and make something.
So I came up with these.

I have been meaning to do some more experimentation with textures and mica powders.

I really enjoy juxtaposing fluid organic shapes against rigid ‘containers’ like geometric shapes and such. I think the textured tiles will join the ranks of my tile pendants with some serious refinements. These guys don’t have my proper textured backplates on them because they are just samples.

I will probably tidy them up with some lacquer and perhaps some sanding then pop them in a shadow box for my house.

I also need to mention that a slightly older artistic chap gave some wonderful life advice to me and chilled me out for another chat. For political reason I will leave him anonomous but his help was greatly appreciated xx

Keep it Purky guys, I am back behind my desk 🙂

(ta muchly Vix)

One thought on “A friendly kick up the arse

  1. Good on you dude, loving the textures especially the ones that look like insect wings. Really stunning. The one shaped like an oak leaf is really nice. Must hook up for some knitting!! XxX

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