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A mixed few months

Hello….failed at blogging every day….hugeous apologious! (actual spell)

Here is a list as a recap as to what has been happening in the purkiverse!

  • Horrible depression
  • Creative genius
  • Fear and self loathing
  • Falling in Love! (been rather enjoying that)
  • Anniversary of Mum dying
  • Planting beautiful bulbs upon her grave ready for spring
  • formulating business plans
  • trading at lots of exciting shows
  • Organising lots of events
  • Being horribly stressed at work
  • Taking on a second job
  • Leaving the second job
  • Going part time at job one
  • Moving house!
  • My beloved cat being run over
  • My beloved cat not dying (thank goodness)
  • and lots lots lots more stuff has been occuring.

So guys I apologise for not blogging and not posting pictures and being rubbish. However, when my new part time hours kick in, I shall be blogging at least once a week again, if not more.

Lots of love to you all

Captain Purky xx