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A Murky Monday

Today I am rather irritated with myself. Mountains of work to do and even mountains of praise heaped upon me for lovely things I have made. Had a brilliant day out yesterday with DH and recieved new business opportunities.

I haven’t achieved anything today other than making a rather long ‘to-do’ list. It seems to have sucked the very will out of me! I think in future there will be ‘to-do spidergrams’ with bright colours and jaunty pictures. In many ways its a very impressive list in terms of projects I have been asked to collaborate in, future product ranges and such. Its just left me cold today.

However, I have managed to finish a couple of bits and pieces and photograph them like these lovely goddess face magnets. I have also secured a trading space on Glastonbury market which means abandoning Yeovil unless I can find someone to be a Purky Purveyor.

But first some pretty magnets.

I am going to go do housework then return to important business of Purky-ing. I have a feeling its going to be one of those days where inspiration strikes at Midnight.