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A Resolute Captain Purky

Not sure where I stand on Resolutions but going to give it a try anyway. Even if they end being more like general directions!

I have decided to break the resolutions up to fit the different areas of my life, just for a bit of definition 🙂

Purky Products Resolutions
  • Focus more deeply on projects and collections – i.e less is more
  • Maintain high qualitity work
  • Develop exciting new things!
  • Build Purky into a full time income
  • Attend events all over the country
  • Explore new materials and revisit/update old favourites
  • Increase web sales and visibility

Purky Productions Resolutions
  • Increase frequency of events
  • Build a stronger marketing platform
  • Focus on existing event properties and develop them
  • To perform more often
Personal Resolutions

  • Lose weight – classic I know but I made great progress last year and intend to lose another two stone.
  • Pay off 50% of total credit card balance – I usually hammer my card repayments but last year got expensive with vet bills, car repairs, house moves etc. I want to sort this out, obviously!
  • Declutter – I have a wall of crates filled with stuff, I do not know what is in them, so logically they are providing me with no benefit? I would like to be rid of them. . . . There are several walls of crates (to my shame) but I am confident I can dispose of most of them over the course of this year.
  • To bake more – I really enjoy baking so I want to bake bread (in particular) at least once a week.
  • To write in a structured and disciplined fashion, this includes this (much neglected) blog as well as my writing projects.
  • To take more photographs and upload them
  • To develop my digital design work and express myself in other materials

That is probably enough to keep me going for a few months.

Toodle pip for now folks,

Captain Purky x