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A whole week gone…again

Methinks I need to get a grip. Well, probably anyways. This week I have achieved.

Registration with HR GO
Registration with SMART START
Investigated possible training and courses
Registered an Etsy account
Registered a Folksy account
Done some kickass design work
Cooked awesome thrifty food

Ahh that makes me feel somewhat better. While my to do list is enormous I also need to try and find myself again. I have fallen out of my creative groove and I really want to get back on the horse so to speak.

I am considering launching a competition on my Purky fanpage on facebook for some free goodies just to put me back into the creative mood as I will need to create.

I think that I really want to work on some Purky tile pendants as they are fun for me to produce and work as limited edition runs in multiple designs.

Tommorow I will have to be brave and just get on with finishing my studio cleaning and get back behind the wheel. (I know enough motivational bullshit metaphors now)