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All quiet at Purky Towers?

Hey folks, well I assume folks. Does anyone actually read this blog?

I appreciate that to generate you have to speculate and in this case it is literal mental speculation, littered with images and tidbits of my personality.

The last few weeks have been interesting for me in terms of making plans and understanding myself.

I have got myself into that position of having loads of photographs ready to put through photoshop and then turn into lovely, well structured blog posts. Tutorials, information, random experiments, my adventures into pop jewellery etc.

Just not got it all sorted yet, my sincere apologies.

I checked out my Klout score and my google page value and both are kinda so small as to be irrelevant so that is a dissapointment.

However it is all rectifiable with hard work and other such goodness.

My aim in life is to live conciously and not coast along aimlessly. So using the emotional score moments (Will elaborate on them another time) I have induced motivation! Whoop de whoop!

I hand write a word quota daily, that then translates into a weekly mass typing up session which in turn becomes the first draft of my novel. This will be finished by the end of August which is also when my contract expires at work.

I then spend September redrafting and probably throwing most of it away before producing a rewritten uber draft which I can then allow trusted folks to read πŸ™‚

Then my friend who isΒ  rather famous artist wants to do the cover so I had better make sure it is a bloody good book, no?

anyways going to run off and try and get today’s quota done xxx

5 thoughts on “All quiet at Purky Towers?

  1. Hi Purky,

    I subscribe to your blog on google reader. I can’t say I read every post but I do really admire (and am somewhat envious of) your efforts to live creatively. I found you on Twitter through one of the local newspapers (I live just down the 303). I have every intention of buying something for my wife from you one day.

    Very exciting to hear that you’re writing a novel. Another thing I wanted to do (I studied English Literature at Uni). If you need an impartial and brutally honest test reader I’d be happy to have a look at a chapter.

    Anyway, you are being heard!

    Good luck


  2. Hey Dude,

    I read everyone of your blogs as you do mine! You’re book will be very worthy of his art work, don’t doubt yourself! Self belief can get you ever where you want to go!

    V x

  3. Hi there Rob, thankyou very much for your support and I would love to know which newspaper I was in!

    I am working on some lovely new things to put up on here and I look forward to meeting you some day and showing you my wares.

    I am not at the distribution stage with my work but will most probably pop some samples up on here first. Impartial and brutal is what I need in a reader, so thankyou for your offer πŸ™‚

    It has sincerly cheered me up to know there are people paying attention.

    Kind regards


  4. My lovely Vixie!

    I do so enjoy your blog and self belief is the key isn’t it?

    We need to have a coffee soon methinks x

  5. Hey Purky,

    Unfortunately I’m not sure you were actually in the paper as such, but you are being followed on twitter by either the Chard & Ilminster or the Western Gazette.

    Lovin the Rocket


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