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An interim post

Hi folks, tis moi.

I have started my job and it seems to be going quite well. I am working in a warehouse, 35 hours a week which in theory gives me time to craft although at the moment I am still getting used to the daily structure.

I have also implemented a healthier eating plan to try and shift some of the Purky podge and reinvigorate myself.

I am going to spend Saturday morning in the garden sorting out my fruit bushes and trimming back the weeds from the perenials bed. Going to put my potted rosebushes in there and some other pretty flowering type plants whilst leaving space for the summer bedding. It is still too cold though to start buying it in.

Saturday afternoon, touch wood. I am going to jump into the studio and at the very least tidy it up so I have space to work. I find that helps me to be creative.

My lovely and only recently discovered friend Beth is heading back over to India to get ready for her next major move. As I do not know when I will see her again, I have invited her over for dinner Saturday night.

Its still a bit complicated over here at Purky Towers with regards the DB (dear boyfriend, downgraded from darling husband because he no longer wants to marry me) and all the logistical stuff of existing in an economic and social downturn.

Even Phil the cat is being very stressed and demanding.

Oh and an update on my lovely friends expecting their first baby, it appears the chocks are away and the whole grisly miraculous process is starting. My best thoughts and love to them.

Stay tuned for a proper Purky Products update in the next few days with real pictures of stuff wot I made 🙂