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An interim post

I felt an urge to write a post….

My job as a warehouse troll is mundane, intellectually unstimulating and starving me. However it is giving me huge amounts of time to think and muse. Lots of productive things are coming from my ability to think and the self worth that a monthly wage has granted.

I bought myself an mp3 player on ebay for a bargain basement £36.00 with a 30GB hardrive and a colour screen. I only bought cheap rubbish headphones but it has revolutionised my work experiences. Carrying a ‘happy place’ in the form of an auditory environment that separates me from the less desirable collegues and something to share with the friendly ones.

I am happiest (in a non Purky workplace) with a set of tasks to achieve that I can work on independently. I plug into my tunes, do the job, set a  time schedule for the day, get it done. Perhaps I am not as much of a people person as I thought?

Purky has pretty much ground to a halt. That makes me sad but I am putting it into hibernation rather than killing it off. I have lots of ideas and as you guys can probably tell, I am having fun exploring new techniques and doing prototyping.

The portfolio is still happening and also another project that was long buried will be resurging. My degree is a BA (HONS) English and Creative Writing….yeah I am a writer! When I bought the MP3 player I also treated myself to a  160GB external hardrive and have raided every pc and laptop that has any of my data on.

Guess what, my short story collection, collated research, photographs, music and such all emerged. I am so very happy to have it back.

So in addition to a Purky portfolio showcasing my artistic and craftwork I will be collating a book of my short stories. My first thoughts are to grab some friends to illustrate it and publish it via a print on demand surface. I will do a limited number and donate 10% of the profits to a stroke charity.

What do you think folks?

One thought on “An interim post

  1. Dude, I am so glad you have found a way to keep happy at work and no it doesn’t mean your not a people person (you so are) it just means that you can get your job done without being bored to death!!
    The short stories idea sounds great, if you need any detailed photo realistic artwork done give me a shout! And put me down for a copy, your stories are amazing!
    V xx

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