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And it all becomes real

Hi folks,

I just got a call from my lettings agent to let me know all the references and credit checks went through and the property is mine just as soon as I pull in £1000 to cover the deposit and first months rent up front.

so wow, this shit just got real?

 That is the property, it is not quite as big as it looks in the pictures but I think myself and Phil are going to be very happy there in person and cat cohabitation.

I aim to get the keys on August the 1st and be properly moved in within a week from that date. I will move Phil across once I am a bit more settled because he will have to stay in for a fortnight and I do not want him to be too stressed.

Packing time I suppose?

Many hugs to all


4 thoughts on “And it all becomes real

  1. Ahhhh dude that’s great news, the place looks really light and fresh. I think you’ll both be really happy there. Give me a shout if you need any help. XxX

  2. I love the color of the house.The design of the kitchen is beautiful.

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  3. man… I’ve got a lot of love for that house… lovely open plan (great price!) you can just see it being a great place for creativity. I had a loft studio flat once and (even though it would be too small for us now) I’d love to live somewhere so open again.

    good luck with the move xx

  4. Thankyou guys, I am very anxious about the moving itself and getting my belongings in situ.

    It is a lovely place and I think it will become ‘mine’ quite quickly 🙂

    I love the fact it is basically a ground floor attic and I will have lots of privacy.


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