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Beadtastic Moment

Today, I hitched a lift to Glastonbury with some friends, I have worked a 60 hour week and needed some ‘moochy’ time.

I enjoy Glasto for its eclectic mix of shops and styles and often feel inspired after visiting.

So wandering past one of my stockists, the lovely Minervra Beads at the top of the high street, I was delighted to see these in the window…

Some of my beautiful handcrafted beads in the centre of their window. I felt rather joyful to see my work on such prominent display.

Also to the right was some of Jim’s work as Lonely Soldier, he is a very talented wire worker who makes fabulous pieces.

I find the organic blend of shapes he creates from wrapping, hammering and combining wires, visually delicious. Check him out at to find out more and see his work.

Also remember you can see more of my work at

And a quick view from the inside of the shop!

How lovely, hey?

Off to play video games and chillax with my neighbour and my amazing cat.

Have a great weekend everyone

Captain Purky xxx