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Blue Monday

Not just a fabulous song from the eighties but a fitting sumation of my mood today.

I managed to wake up at seven and be relatively bouncy, fed Phil got myself to work.

My car’s windscreen wipers have broken again, sigh but never mind.

Straight into Calista chair land and tedium but that wasn’t too much of a bother either.

I haven’t elaborated on how Cads & Bounders and the London Steampunk Market went but will do proper posts on those later this week. They were fantastic events for my confidence, networking and marketing but my business account is not looking too healthy. An artist’s life is about feast and famine (if they are moderately lucky) but I haven’t paid my gas bill, electric bill, phone bill or internet bill this month. The Purky Party did magnificently well and made enough to pay the previous months bills and pay for my car to be MOT’d and insured.

However, at about half past ten it felt like my bathtub of happiness had the plug pulled and everything drained away. It took about ten minutes but I was so subdued, tired and depressed. A fuse just went ping and the world was grey to me.

It took me by surprise and I think I need a few early nights to recuperate. Basically, Sunday was my firstĀ  day off this month where I wasn’t working all day and night for Purky or my day job. I got more than 6 hours sleep as well which I though was enough to restore me but evidently I was wrong.

A few personal issues regarding past relationships have been dogging my subconcious as well as the state of my home and finances. These things can all be dealt with.

I truly believe in the path I am walking down and that I can succeed as an artist.

Lots of blog posts are coming up and I will get back on it soon.

I recieved a lot of wonderful support from my online friendship network and corporeal friends.

Will be back to my Purky self soon, I imagine.

Lots of love