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Website Workings

Hello there!

How are you all? It has been a long time since I used a blogging platform effectively and so so much has happened.

Mostly, I have been using Instagram and Facebook to keep everyone updated about Purky shenanigans but I really am keen to return to this website. 

The primary concern is to create an easy to use and fun shopping interface to allow all of Purky Products to become available. … Today I am struggling with interfaces and ftp permissions but, I am working on it.


Horatio xx

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A Resolute Captain Purky

Not sure where I stand on Resolutions but going to give it a try anyway. Even if they end being more like general directions!

I have decided to break the resolutions up to fit the different areas of my life, just for a bit of definition 🙂

Purky Products Resolutions
  • Focus more deeply on projects and collections – i.e less is more
  • Maintain high qualitity work
  • Develop exciting new things!
  • Build Purky into a full time income
  • Attend events all over the country
  • Explore new materials and revisit/update old favourites
  • Increase web sales and visibility

Purky Productions Resolutions
  • Increase frequency of events
  • Build a stronger marketing platform
  • Focus on existing event properties and develop them
  • To perform more often
Personal Resolutions

  • Lose weight – classic I know but I made great progress last year and intend to lose another two stone.
  • Pay off 50% of total credit card balance – I usually hammer my card repayments but last year got expensive with vet bills, car repairs, house moves etc. I want to sort this out, obviously!
  • Declutter – I have a wall of crates filled with stuff, I do not know what is in them, so logically they are providing me with no benefit? I would like to be rid of them. . . . There are several walls of crates (to my shame) but I am confident I can dispose of most of them over the course of this year.
  • To bake more – I really enjoy baking so I want to bake bread (in particular) at least once a week.
  • To write in a structured and disciplined fashion, this includes this (much neglected) blog as well as my writing projects.
  • To take more photographs and upload them
  • To develop my digital design work and express myself in other materials

That is probably enough to keep me going for a few months.

Toodle pip for now folks,

Captain Purky x