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The Marvelous Sugarbean!

A short while ago I posted some sample beads to a very talented lady to see what she thought of the prototypes.

Imagine my total delight when I recieved a parcel on Saturday.

I knew something had been posted to me, so was rather excited to discover it on my doorstep.

There was a lovely letter and I spied something chocolatey and tasty!

So a brilliant book on selling crafts online, a box of maltesers and an anonomous brown box….

Inside were these beautifully packaged nuggets of joy.

I will take proper photographs of all these pieces but just had to share what I had recieved.

Look at all the clever intricate beadwork!

I must say that my enthusiasm for the products that I sent off as prototypes has massively increased.

The grand plan is that Purky Products will begin selling handcrafted beads and buttons alongside items of finished jewellery. Look at the fabulous things you could create.

I will post a bio on this marvelous creative lady later in the week (after I have checked she does not mind the personal exposure)

Big Purky hugs

(and send me as much stuff as you like, just email me for the address!)

H xxx

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Time to stop hiding…

Well, its been over a week since I was ‘dumped’ and now I really should re-emerge into the blogosphere.

I am rather sad still but trying to be positive. Neither of us is moving out of the flat so I will still retain my studio space and the glorious Phileous Mogg will have a lovely place to live with both of us.

My art and writing has suffered quite a lot and so I haven’t achieved a great deal. The odd bit of blocking out for a scene or a bit of cane splicing has been the majority of it.

The lovely Vix has given me a ‘friendship cake’ called Herman and it all seems a bit odd and gloopy but will give it the benefit of the doubt. I will also try to keep you folks updated about it.

My friend Cathy Wines died last Saturday having ‘lost’ (I do not like that word) her battle with long term illness. She was the first person who gave me the confidence to show my wares over six years ago and her advice and support took me a long way. My thanks and best wishes to her spirit wherever is may be right now.

I am going to take my Beathy (Cathys creations, a sort of frankenstein stuffed animal based around Igor’s from Discworld books) Hippolyta with me to the funeral. I hope people wear Purky Products to my funeral someday.

There is an annual bead fair at the Racecourse in Wincanton and I attended it for the first time this year. Having had a look around it seems like a good event with lots of goodies on display but the only thing that took my fancy was the lampworking equipment. I watched a demonstration and it all seems straightforward, of course the advanced techniques will take years to master but I feel that my craft abilities would transfer into the new skill.

Lampworking equipment is now much more firmly ensconced in my ‘to buy’ pile.

On a polymer clay note, I networked with a nice chap whose name eludes me currently but his business card is in my bag. I will post his e-shop details up here later.

I finished the buttons I have spent ages procrastinating over and think that perhaps moving in the direction of a ‘bead artist’ might be a good idea. However, creative decison making is sort of beyond me currently.

Looking at all the wares on offer I felt incredibly light and inspired, surrounded by the pretty orbs and much more interesting books. I also felt rather depressed and like a failure because I have not achieved the goals that I set myself.

The next few weeks are going to be about regaining some of my  creative confidence and channelling it into finishing projects.

Like these little buggers. They are stud earrings but I do not have the sterling silver backs for them. Pretty though, or at least I think so.

And this is just a random of a very old (now) test piece I did for the sheer joy of it.

Need more joy, I wonder if it comes in bottles?

Much love and thanks for your patience Purky people.


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Wierd Wednesday-ness

I am not doing brilliantly with the passage of time at the moment. How can it possibly be Wednesday? It would perhaps help if I went to bed when it was dark and got up when it was light and indulged the neolithic man inside myself.

However, I am going to bed at two or three in the morning and getting up between eight and ten in the morning. Same amount of sleep but a much smaller amount of rest. Last night/morning I applied for loads of jobs including one in a bank! Can anyone really see me working in a bank? I got a few rejection emails this morning which is a shame.

Had some cheery-ness yesterday (daytime) when I saw one of my items had been listed in a treasury, yay! However still no sales on the etsy front. I think that is mostly due to my listing style so I am going to attempt to remedy that soon.

In an attempt to stop myself being dragged down into that annoying self doubting misery I have been photographing things I have made and believe have artistic merit.

These tasty chaps are my large single bead pendants. Designed for that instant bit of colour 🙂 I enjoy making them because pretty much each one is unique or of a very limited number.

I want to get back into making smaller beads and then using them to make necklaces and such. Really pretty ones with pearls and semi precious stones. Also kinda tempted by making much larger beads and wire wrapping them.

It appears there is a real trend in polymer clay at the moment for naturalistic items so may push myself in that direction.

Or just be multi-coloured. I was quite cheered when I found a stash of pictures lurking on photobucket of my older work 🙂 I will do a post on them at some point, so I can do a sort of progress report.

I had best go now before I ramble even more.

Purky hugs

Harry xxx