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More Pictures

Hey folks,

been taking loads of photographs 😀

                                                                Purky Glass Pendant

 Purky Glass Ring

Purky Gearpunk Heart Pendant

I am trying hard to get my photography up to scratch. What do you guys think?

Captain Purky


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Photo Day!

So today, for better or worse I turned down a day of paid employment (deep gasp) to work on my business.

The logic being that I need to invest my time and energy in order to generate an income rather than just working for the man despite that money being relatively guaranteed it has an upper limit. World famous artist doesn’t really have an earning cap, hey? …..dreams are important and all that jazz!

(Jazz hands are appropriate here!)

So, wanna see my piccies?

(correct answer is yes…)

Exhibit A is a Gearpunk Dove, I have finally managed to capture the nuanced hues of alcohol inks and mica powders that forms the patination of the piece. Dead chuffed 🙂

Exhibit B is a Mokume Nendo Pendant from the general stock, it took some careful tweaking to get the colours accurate but I am kinda pleased with this one as well!

Exhibit C is a Heart Pendant made from a layered stack. Again lots of careful image manipulation was needed to bring the correct colours out!

I am so pleased to have finally found a way to get my photos looking right. There shall be an epic Purky Portfolio this year and hopefully that will generate some business.

As an aside, the images are manipulated to ensure a well composed image with true to life colours but they are not airbrushed in the style of catwalk models, to say that they truthfull represent the items of handcrafted joy made in my studio 🙂

Hurrah for Purkiness!

Much love from the Captain xx

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The D.I.Y Light Tent

So, in an attempt to bring Purky to the masses and create the portfolio, the online sales listings and various other things.

I need a light tent in order to take decent photographs.

The resources available? Some silk I had lying around, an upturned Ikea Lack Table and some table lamps…


But what is that shadow we see lurking?

Well, it is Phil of course who has declared this to be his private playhouse….sigh.

Next day after some frankly lacklustre photography I asked my boss if I could borrow some old Par Cans (so old they have huge bulbs instead of LEDs!) and I tried again.

Without proper diffusers I found that I got reasonable results tilting the par can away from the lit area to give a back wash to help photography.

When I eventually finish unpacking the studio (yup 6 months in and still doing it) and find the proper professional light tent, I will have another bash at upgrading my photos.

Toodle pip for now!

Purky xxx