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A mini update!

Hello there, Darlings!


I hope this finds you well. I worked out what my FTP problem was and so now can upload images once again 🙂

Here is a little smattering of work from the start of 2018 and I can now start working on building a proper webshop!




Catch you soon, Horatio xx

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Old Friends

Once upon a time, I used to sculpt dragons. They came from my story universe called Alveon and had stories and certificates.

First a portrait of Imotir, a dragon of Alveon he is known as the ‘Immortal’ due to his dubious ethical practises. This likeness of him was sculpted in 2007 and was 25 inches from nose to tail.

Next up, Dragon Hatchling, Halensil. I do not know that much about this chap but he is from 2007 as well.

Dalminok, a mean dragon hatchling. He grows up full of attitude methinks. 2007 again folks!

Such a sad face, my favourite dragon hatchling sculpture. This is Taolifiren. I kept him but sold his siblings. Sculpted in 2007.

I find sculpting horribly stressful but quite tempted to return to dragons later this year, what do you think?

Purky Love