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Good bye, Cathy

I feel I should blog about this now, rather than allow the memories chance to fade or tarnish.

I drove to London last night and stayed at my friend Tamara’s mother’s house. Then about 12ish today we headed off to Petersfield to the sustainability centre where the funeral was being held.

It was such a beautiful place with a huge pond full of newts and tadpoles with lots of rushes and aquatic flowers. There were brilliant blue dragonflies zooming around and the atmosphere just oozed hope and vitality.

We both worried about what we were wearing because the dress code was ‘not black’ and paranoid about being scruffy I went with white 3 quarter lengths and a chocolatey brown cotton collarless shirt top thing.

Tamara looked lovely and baby Brian, well he was not too worried about what he was wearing.

I was honoured to push Cathy’s Bier (handcart) and transfer her from Bamfa (not sure of spelling) otherwise known as the ‘beathy bus’ to her final resting place. I can only remember the name of Ness and Mike who were also bearing the cart but it was a curious feeling. A mixture of pride to be assisting and sorrow at her loss mingled with happiness that she was free from pain and being buried in such a gorgeous place. My real feelings of sadness are for Mike, her husband. I hope that I/we as a group of people can support him when he wants and needs it.

Cathy was ensconced in a woven wicker casket and the whole burial was ecologically sustainable.

The journey from the bus to the plot concluded, some words were said at her grave side. Mike read a lovely poem and Ness gave a heartfelt speech. A few other folks spoke up to express their feelings and the atmosphere in that wood was one of love and sadness.

I helped the other bearers lower Cathy into the ground before we stepped back to allow everyone chance to say goodbye. It was especially sad to see the older generation weep for their lost daughter, burying anyone you love is not easy, particuarly your child. I can only hope it is a sadness that I do not have to bear one day.

Tamara introduced baby Brian to his aunty Cathy before we headed back up to the cafe. There followed a few more words and a really tasty vegetarian buffet. The staff at the centre were so kind natured and helpful.

As sad as it is to say goodbye to someone, especially someone you thought you had a bit more time to get to know, being in such a positive environment made the whole event much easier to bear. I fully appreciate that Mike may not feel that way because I do not think I have ever known a couple so utterly dedicated and in love with one another.

We staged a Beathy reunion photograph, hopefully I will recieve a digital copy so I can paste it up here.

I got home from London after dropping Tamara and baby Brian off at about 11:15pm so having written this, I think it is time to go to bed.

Much love and Purkiness to all.

Sleep well in the woods, Cathy. xxx

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Time to stop hiding…

Well, its been over a week since I was ‘dumped’ and now I really should re-emerge into the blogosphere.

I am rather sad still but trying to be positive. Neither of us is moving out of the flat so I will still retain my studio space and the glorious Phileous Mogg will have a lovely place to live with both of us.

My art and writing has suffered quite a lot and so I haven’t achieved a great deal. The odd bit of blocking out for a scene or a bit of cane splicing has been the majority of it.

The lovely Vix has given me a ‘friendship cake’ called Herman and it all seems a bit odd and gloopy but will give it the benefit of the doubt. I will also try to keep you folks updated about it.

My friend Cathy Wines died last Saturday having ‘lost’ (I do not like that word) her battle with long term illness. She was the first person who gave me the confidence to show my wares over six years ago and her advice and support took me a long way. My thanks and best wishes to her spirit wherever is may be right now.

I am going to take my Beathy (Cathys creations, a sort of frankenstein stuffed animal based around Igor’s from Discworld books) Hippolyta with me to the funeral. I hope people wear Purky Products to my funeral someday.

There is an annual bead fair at the Racecourse in Wincanton and I attended it for the first time this year. Having had a look around it seems like a good event with lots of goodies on display but the only thing that took my fancy was the lampworking equipment. I watched a demonstration and it all seems straightforward, of course the advanced techniques will take years to master but I feel that my craft abilities would transfer into the new skill.

Lampworking equipment is now much more firmly ensconced in my ‘to buy’ pile.

On a polymer clay note, I networked with a nice chap whose name eludes me currently but his business card is in my bag. I will post his e-shop details up here later.

I finished the buttons I have spent ages procrastinating over and think that perhaps moving in the direction of a ‘bead artist’ might be a good idea. However, creative decison making is sort of beyond me currently.

Looking at all the wares on offer I felt incredibly light and inspired, surrounded by the pretty orbs and much more interesting books. I also felt rather depressed and like a failure because I have not achieved the goals that I set myself.

The next few weeks are going to be about regaining some of my  creative confidence and channelling it into finishing projects.

Like these little buggers. They are stud earrings but I do not have the sterling silver backs for them. Pretty though, or at least I think so.

And this is just a random of a very old (now) test piece I did for the sheer joy of it.

Need more joy, I wonder if it comes in bottles?

Much love and thanks for your patience Purky people.