Hi, time for one of those posts where I am not talking about my work. I am in quite a strange place in my life. On one side, my Folksy shop (www.folksy.com/shops/purkyproducts) launched successfully last week and hit its sales targets. I have met some nice chaps, enjoyed the company […]

Where I am….

Hey folks, well I assume folks. Does anyone actually read this blog? I appreciate that to generate you have to speculate and in this case it is literal mental speculation, littered with images and tidbits of my personality. The last few weeks have been interesting for me in terms of […]

All quiet at Purky Towers?

I felt an urge to write a post…. My job as a warehouse troll is mundane, intellectually unstimulating and starving me. However it is giving me huge amounts of time to think and muse. Lots of productive things are coming from my ability to think and the self worth that […]

An interim post