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Visiting Mum

I popped across to visit my Mother..well her grave but in emotional terms they are pretty similar things.
It was a few weeks before the Purky Party and I was feeling rather bouyant in myself.
The approach to her site

I was very happy to see her plaque and tree had been placed and planted. The tree is an english oak, it will grow strong and proud and possibly live for hundreds of years.

English Oaks support over 300 different forms of life in a symbiotic relationship, everything from birds who nest in the trees, squirrels eating the acorns to lichen and insects. Even when the tree eventually dies it will support different funguses and bacteria.

My Mum, while somewhat conservative in her attitudes on occassion was incredibly loving and supportive.

She used to love primroses. I have inherited that love and feel they are one of the greatest spring flowers. Their rosettes of leaves and flowers pushing up and unfurling. The bright flowers against the murky gloom of winter.

I wanted to plant the primrose for her, had I remembered in autumn I would have planted daffodil bulbs (another favourite) but instead I peeled back a piece of her turf and popped the primrose in. Blue was her favourite colour.

Et Voila 🙂 I felt rather good just popping and paying my respects. I don’t really talk to the space, I believe that once the electrical signals in the brain have faded the soul and true aspect of the person has left. My respect comes from visiting and maintaining the site.

The sun came around and it was time to leave. I felt the sun setting behind the tree was a lovely image and I went home to continue my art and get ready for the show.

Catch you later