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A mini update!

Hello there, Darlings!


I hope this finds you well. I worked out what my FTP problem was and so now can upload images once again 🙂

Here is a little smattering of work from the start of 2018 and I can now start working on building a proper webshop!




Catch you soon, Horatio xx

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The Marvelous Sugarbean!

A short while ago I posted some sample beads to a very talented lady to see what she thought of the prototypes.

Imagine my total delight when I recieved a parcel on Saturday.

I knew something had been posted to me, so was rather excited to discover it on my doorstep.

There was a lovely letter and I spied something chocolatey and tasty!

So a brilliant book on selling crafts online, a box of maltesers and an anonomous brown box….

Inside were these beautifully packaged nuggets of joy.

I will take proper photographs of all these pieces but just had to share what I had recieved.

Look at all the clever intricate beadwork!

I must say that my enthusiasm for the products that I sent off as prototypes has massively increased.

The grand plan is that Purky Products will begin selling handcrafted beads and buttons alongside items of finished jewellery. Look at the fabulous things you could create.

I will post a bio on this marvelous creative lady later in the week (after I have checked she does not mind the personal exposure)

Big Purky hugs

(and send me as much stuff as you like, just email me for the address!)

H xxx