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A Mica tutorial

Ahoy there chaps and chappettes, this is a quickie tutorial for you all.

I used to be very fond of mica powders, these are powdered pigments usually formed from mineral mica. They have a metallic sheen and come in dozens of colours. A few different brands exist.

I use pearlex mostly and have had the same three pots for around four years so they do last rather well with average use.

In a local craft shop – Yandles at Martock I found these beauties!

£12 for each packet of powders with a spray bottle and blending brush, bargain! I pretty much just splurged on them.

So, first mica lesson.

Condition your clay, this is rolled out on the thickest setting of my clay machine

Then for this version, trim your sheet and apply the powders

When your powders are fully applied blend 🙂

Pick your stamp

This one is an old favourite, I don’t use it often  now for items I am making to sell, gotten a tad ocd but only using my own textures on commercial items.

However, imprint your stamp/texture plate  firmly into the mica sheet. It is then ready to use however you want, for the purposes of these three tutorials I trimmed them up into rectangles and cured them.

Part two coming soon 🙂

Purky love