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One Year Ago

My heart was broken and I was rather scared. Losing the man I loved was terrible enough but I would have to find somewhere to live, gather my belongings, avoid conflicts..Could I afford it, was I clever enough to find somewhere?

The answer, one year on from the heart break, is Yes. I am struggling but I have a rather cool (if cluttered) apartment that I share with my beloved Phileous Mogg. (insert Meow here) I have rediscovered my inner artist

I was also, one year ago, working on Droma and writing daily. I want to return to that state of productivity. Currently I am working 12 hour days at my physically demanding job which is leaving very little space for my purkiness. However, writing can be done in tiniest snippets and those snippets can be woven together on the quiet days.

My three dimensional creativity and my writing are intrinsically linked. I love making real world artifacts from my stories, the dragon hatchlings being a case in point.

So what was the point of this post then? Really to reflect upon the positive things that have happened in the last year.

Moving into Purky Towers, Retrieving Phil, Trading successfully at the Chocolate Festival – Cads & Bounders – London Steampunk Market – Hogswatch – Discworld Spring Fling – Pop up Chocolate Garden, Discovering Gearpunk, rediscovering my love of Cyber, Meeting so many new amazing people.

It is Wednesday morning and I have already clocked in 33 hours at work this week. The grand plan is to work myself into the ground over summer to build up some financial momentum and use it to do something special.

I have so many exciting ideas and though my internal well is rather empty at the moment, a few days of resting will top me back up.

Best be off, time to go to work 🙂

Much love Purkites

Captain Purky xx

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End of Chapter…..

So, my Mother’s home, where I grew up and cared for her.

It is a long story but that house is no longer our family home. I retrieved the last of my belongings from there on Friday night and its unlikely I am going to return to it.

I found a box of my old pottery items. When I was little I attended the pottery club at Primary school and made all sorts of things. Most of them were smashed or damaged and I finished the job. Destroying what was left apart from a few choice pieces.

This was not an act of rampant emotion but a calm decision. I do not want to keep damaged, broken, memories of a long faded past.

I am a grown man, with his own creative business and a kiln. My future will have new beautiful ceramic pieces in it. Those broken fragments can be consigned to my memories.

As far as I am concerned that chapter is closed.

2012 will be about the reconstruction and reinforcement of who I am. 

Now, I have a small one bed apartment that is rammed with ghosts that must be dealt with. Some beautiful and important things were rescued from that house that have fond memories for me. Others, less so but they can be sorted and sold on Ebay or simply discarded.

My big Sister has been amazing in sorting out the house and taken on the brunt of the work. She is to be commended and proffered lots of hugs. I am going to make her something really pretty.

Purky Hugs


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Hi everyone,

Hello my friends in the blogoverse,

my sincere apologies for not blogging sooner but been very busy with moving house and not had easy internet access.

A lot of the emotional aspects of the break up came into finer focus as I removed my belongings from the home we shared and I believed we were happy in.

The first area I set up properly was the kitchen, its a bit raggedy and the cupboard doors are falling off but it feels very homely because in a bizarre coincidence it has the same fittings and finish as the kitechn in my mothers house.

I got a bed area sorted up on the messanine (sp? lol) and other stuff came in dribs and drabs.

The only major thing missing now is my studio equipment and materials, plus my cat the beloved Phileous Mogg.

Need to sort out whats in the house now then make an epic push to finish it all off.

As an aside, I am using the wifi of the local cafe bar, it doesnt have wifi for customers but I asked the barman very nicely and smiled.

Catch you all soon, I am sure my Purkiness will soon return


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Dragon’s Teeth

Morning all, tis Monday again.

I have been working extreme hours over the course of this month, partly because I do not wish to be at home and partly because I would like lots of loot.

There are credit cards and bills to pay, the usual boring things. However, I also wish to finally invest in some glass working equipment and possibly make my escape from mundanity. My contract expires at the end of August and so I would like to rejuvenate my business. I do not know if I am skilled enough to push it through in this financial environment but I will try my best.

The house sharing thing appears to be going ok, although I find myself yearning for a property of my own. I have been on the look out for somewhere to live but in all honesty it seems like everywhere is pokey and expensive. Plus mention that you have a feline companion and the letting agents look like you have grown a few extra heads!

I am guessing you would like to know why this post is titled ‘Dragon’s Teeth’? well, my lovely blurkers and readers, this is why…

It doesn’t look like much at first, but look closely and you can see where this tooth used to belong. Made from solid bronze and awaiting stringing into a finished piece.

Many warriors found their lives ended at the jaws that held this little tooth. Yet it was gentle enough to lift the tiniest dragonling to safety.

Did I mention I am very fond of Dragons?

Flights of fancy allow me to keep going, frankly. Theres a lot of ‘stuff’ tumbling around backstage here at Purky Towers currently and the fantasical offers that sweet escape.

I finished off my friendship cake, by the way. It was very tasty and I passed it on to several people. Sorry there are no photographs but I do not have easy access to a camera at the moment.

Much love to Blurkers and Readers, xx