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Photo Day!

So today, for better or worse I turned down a day of paid employment (deep gasp) to work on my business.

The logic being that I need to invest my time and energy in order to generate an income rather than just working for the man despite that money being relatively guaranteed it has an upper limit. World famous artist doesn’t really have an earning cap, hey? …..dreams are important and all that jazz!

(Jazz hands are appropriate here!)

So, wanna see my piccies?

(correct answer is yes…)

Exhibit A is a Gearpunk Dove, I have finally managed to capture the nuanced hues of alcohol inks and mica powders that forms the patination of the piece. Dead chuffed 🙂

Exhibit B is a Mokume Nendo Pendant from the general stock, it took some careful tweaking to get the colours accurate but I am kinda pleased with this one as well!

Exhibit C is a Heart Pendant made from a layered stack. Again lots of careful image manipulation was needed to bring the correct colours out!

I am so pleased to have finally found a way to get my photos looking right. There shall be an epic Purky Portfolio this year and hopefully that will generate some business.

As an aside, the images are manipulated to ensure a well composed image with true to life colours but they are not airbrushed in the style of catwalk models, to say that they truthfull represent the items of handcrafted joy made in my studio 🙂

Hurrah for Purkiness!

Much love from the Captain xx

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Bronze experiments

 So these were actually made last month but I did not have time to upload them and all that shizzle for various reasons.

I was recently featured on Tutorial Tuesday on Geek Crafts :).

It has inspired me to keep trying with my blog and also the fact that people have commented lately and seem interested in my Purky goings on. I hope the blog is not too personal and wonder if it should only focus on my artistic endevours but, my work does not exist in a vacuum. So…..I am gonna keep being personal for now at least.

I love opening up the kiln and peering into the black mass of charcoal to see what I find. Bronze clay is a relatively new thing for me and I am investigating because of its cost effectiveness and warm finish.

I love the patina that firing in charcoal produces. These four are just perching on my kiln, having been fired.

This is the view from my studio window. None of these pieces had been cleaned up and polished by this point.

This is easily my favourite, love a bit of stylised paw action. It also came from one of my eldest moulds. The bronze reduces by around 20% as it fires which means the details are massively enhanced.

So there we go 🙂

I am off to work even though it is Saturday. I have to clean seat pads on white leather chairs for 8 hours now and probably the same again tommorow. I need to earn some money to work out what on earth to do with myself. Its all a bit complicated and excruciatingly simple here at Purky Towers.

Much love to all