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Photo Day!

So today, for better or worse I turned down a day of paid employment (deep gasp) to work on my business.

The logic being that I need to invest my time and energy in order to generate an income rather than just working for the man despite that money being relatively guaranteed it has an upper limit. World famous artist doesn’t really have an earning cap, hey? …..dreams are important and all that jazz!

(Jazz hands are appropriate here!)

So, wanna see my piccies?

(correct answer is yes…)

Exhibit A is a Gearpunk Dove, I have finally managed to capture the nuanced hues of alcohol inks and mica powders that forms the patination of the piece. Dead chuffed 🙂

Exhibit B is a Mokume Nendo Pendant from the general stock, it took some careful tweaking to get the colours accurate but I am kinda pleased with this one as well!

Exhibit C is a Heart Pendant made from a layered stack. Again lots of careful image manipulation was needed to bring the correct colours out!

I am so pleased to have finally found a way to get my photos looking right. There shall be an epic Purky Portfolio this year and hopefully that will generate some business.

As an aside, the images are manipulated to ensure a well composed image with true to life colours but they are not airbrushed in the style of catwalk models, to say that they truthfull represent the items of handcrafted joy made in my studio 🙂

Hurrah for Purkiness!

Much love from the Captain xx

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2012, bits of the year in review

So, I am not brilliant with New Years eve and find it a tad conceited. Surely every day is a new year because it is a year since that day last fell?

Plus I have a string of miserable or anticlimatic new years eve experiences to draw cynicism from. However, I had an interesting chat with a lady about Janus, who is a roman icon/god who looks both forwards and back.

In the principle of self evaluation and looking to the future, here we go!

Awesome 2012 things!
  • Creating my Gearpunk range and having to confidence (lots of deep breaths) to go meet the Steampunks – Steampunks are awesome folk and my Gearpunk range took me to London, Bristol and Cardiff.

  • Inventing new polymer techniques to create the Gearpunk range – this did my artistic self worth lots of good.


  • A Quintet of Dark Tales – my most successful and accomplished performance so far, the set worked, the stories worked, the costume worked and people came and enjoyed themselves.


  • The First Purky Party – Blasting onto the scene at the Cat Cafe, enjoying some media exposure and proving to myself that this could work. (also included here the follow up events The Grand Purky Tea Party and Captain Purky’s Christmas Party)


  • Disovering Glass, after nearly six years of promising myself that glass work would be more prominant I finally invested properly and have had a great time.


  • Meeting Mister Man, we met randomly at a party we had both (independently) decided we were too tired to attend but went anyway. Fireworks and romance have ensued since.


  • Occassional pangs of confidence and self belief, these have been short lived but precious and often sparked huge innovations in my work.


  • Rediscovering painting and graphic design, made me rather happy when I was laid up for a week in July. I had terrible bronchitus and could not work. Canvases, old sketch books and voila, away I went.


  • Arcane Encounters – a brave venture in paranormal entertainment. The evening was well recieved and I intend to put on a similar event in 2013.


  • The Dark and Curious Market – Another amazing idea that needs more time and work put in but started promisingly.


  • The Magnificent Maker’s Market – under attended but promising, this event with be further explored in 2013.


  • Moving house, I finally escaped Purky Towers, which while a positive place to be when I moved there in August 2011 was starting to drastically drag me down.


  • The Support of my lovely friends, while we do not see each other often enough when do spend time together it is totally reinvigorating. 


  • The Birth of Captain Purky – originally a sort of jokey moniker on my facebook so I did not have to admit to working full time for someone else, Captain Purky has become his own entitiy. A beautiful front for my businesses and a lovely excuse to buy multiple new outfits. Keep an eye out for the Captain in the future.


  • Purky Productions, she is in her infancy but as the sister company of Purky Products, she handles the events side of things.
The Not So Awesome….
  • Three Purky organised events in a row that didn’t make an initial profit….luckily they are the opening moves in a grander scheme so over the course of a year we should be ok but my confidence was somewhat shaken. However the attendees and traders were all very pleased to be there.


  •  Phileous Mogg being struck down by a rapidly moving vehicle. He is fine, my bank balance is still recovering but there was never any chance that I would deny my best (furry) friend treatment. He has settled into the Purky Enclave and is doing very well.


  • Crippling depression….I need to do something about this. Although my deep lows tend to inspire very positive action, for example the First Purky Party came about because of my overwhelming sadness and feelings of inadequecy.


  • Overwork, Averaging 60 hours a week at Job 1 and then taking on 10 to 20 hours a week at Job 2 in June, July and August was somewhat exhausting emotionally and physically but I quite enjoyed the money. I am also kinda proud that I did what was needed to ensure that I stayed afloat.


  • Customer service – I need to work harder with this. Face to face I love dealing with customers but often go all shy over internet or phone communication. No idea why, promise to work harder. My customers mean the world to me x


  • Actualisation of Grief – For some reason this Christmas has been much harder than the last in terms of missing my Mother. I am guessing it is because the feelings have bedded down and everything is much less raw, so I am feeling more of it?


  • Exes of all varieties….
  • Rivals of all varieties….


  • Lack of creativity, I have had huge gaps and interuptions in my creativity this year and most of the time it has been due to emotional or physical exhaustion so I intend to pace things a bit more carefully this year.


  • Lonliness, this is a hard one for me. I am quite the closet isolationist but I crave human interaction even if I am too shy to seek it out. Once I take a deep breath and throw myself in, I can pretend that I am not shy for a while and have lots of fun but that takes a lot of work. I am lonely at Job 1 for lots of reasons and I do not see my friends enough in real life.


  • Blogging, or lack of. I love blogging, so why do I not do it more? I tend to get overwhelmed by what is going on and then struggle to put it into words and pictures. I promise to try harder x

Now I am feeling that maybe this introspection has gone on long enough now, so I am going to sign off but tommorow my Resolutions for the New Year will be up on here 🙂

I have most probably forgotten lots of stuff but hope you enjoy the overview 
Much Love
Captain Purky xx

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Getting Ready for the Cardiff Steampunk Market :)

Very soon, I shall be trading at the Cardiff Steampunk Market

I am rather excited about this so I did a quick stock check and I am a tad low on my Gearpunk range.

This range is inspired by Steampunk but moves more across to revering the gears, I am officially obcessed with gears….

Anyways, I have run out of material now (waiting for a polymer delivery tomoz) so at 1am have decided to call it a night.

Heres whats been made so far!

I shall pop them in to cure and pop myself into bed!

Mwah everyone! xx

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Pebble Experiment with free tutorial

Aloha folks, this is the next part of my series of tutorials for using up leftover surface treatments.

Inspired by some of the faux turqoise recipies out there I decided to try using my trimmings to create fantastical geode stones.

Ingredients : surface treatment scraps, acryllic paints, food processor,

first you need some surface treatment trimmings….

Then you need a food processor…..

This was five pounds at a car boot sale (obviously can no longer be used with food)


Plus some translucent in this case

Whizz it up into polymer kibble

Turn it out onto work surface. In this case my usual glass tiles are topped with recycled paper.

Paint all surfaces of the kibble

I wanted to experiment with two colours

Mmmmmm! I think it looks like robot vomit….but hey ho I am known for being peculiar.

Squish the kibble into lumps, compressing it really hard. I tend to dust my hands in cornstarch to make it all stick to me a bit less.

I prefer to cure my beads and things like this in cornflour in cheap metal food containers. Cure as per packet instructions.

Take the cooled cured pieces out and give them a wash in water.

Then sand the out surface off to reveal the internal colours. The paint between the kibble creates this lovely effect.

Et voila!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, more are en route eventually, I promise.

Captain Purky


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The Mushroom Village

So, I was walking in the woods at Alfred’s Tower, doing some mental defragging and I stumbled upon this delightful cluster of fungi.
 I have dubbed it the ‘Mushroom Village’ and to me it looks like little huts built out of the side of the tree and I am sure it will be featuring in a short story sometime soon.
 It is just so perfect and beautiful.
Can you imagine little people living in there? 
I fully admit that I may just be odd…but I had to share this 🙂
Have you seen anything inspiring like this lately?

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Beadtastic Moment

Today, I hitched a lift to Glastonbury with some friends, I have worked a 60 hour week and needed some ‘moochy’ time.

I enjoy Glasto for its eclectic mix of shops and styles and often feel inspired after visiting.

So wandering past one of my stockists, the lovely Minervra Beads at the top of the high street, I was delighted to see these in the window…

Some of my beautiful handcrafted beads in the centre of their window. I felt rather joyful to see my work on such prominent display.

Also to the right was some of Jim’s work as Lonely Soldier, he is a very talented wire worker who makes fabulous pieces.

I find the organic blend of shapes he creates from wrapping, hammering and combining wires, visually delicious. Check him out at to find out more and see his work.

Also remember you can see more of my work at

And a quick view from the inside of the shop!

How lovely, hey?

Off to play video games and chillax with my neighbour and my amazing cat.

Have a great weekend everyone

Captain Purky xxx

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Purky, another crazy month!

This Month, there was a Purky Party, Cads & Bounders and the London Steampunk Market.

I am absolutely exhausted to be honest folks.

Working full time in event hire (heavy lifting, tedious cleaning sums it up mostly) and then working till the early hours of the morning most nights to get my Purkiness ready has wiped me out.

I am going to do more detailed blog posts very soon, I know I said that before but, this week as I am so up together with my making I can focus on my writing.

Thankyou everyone for your patience and support

Captain Purky


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Where I am….


time for one of those posts where I am not talking about my work. I am in quite a strange place in my life.

On one side, my Folksy shop ( launched successfully last week and hit its sales targets. I have met some nice chaps, enjoyed the company of my friends.

On the other, I am not sleeping, do not have enough money to pay the rent, bills and buy food. Emotionally I am still recovering from the loss of my mother and my big breakup.

It is like I am looking over an abyss of drink, sex and other consumptions that wants me to jump back in. Despite the things that are positive in my life and my attempts to focus upon them. I am rather depressed.

However, Purky Products hit its sales target in the first week on Folksy – that is fabulous and I am very pleased. It bodes well for a Purky future.

I am surrounded by people who love me and care about me. For that I am so grateful and lucky.

Bills are just bills, they are always there, I can manage and will manage.

A very sage older friend of mine said (this is a paraphrase)

‘You are drawn to the darkness because you know how to handle it, how it feels to be surrounded by that negativity. The light scares you because you are not used to it and do not know how to handle your impending success’

What a dude, huh? Love him to bits.

I need to ensure my impending success by building confidence, working on my business and looking to the bright future that I can create for myself.

Much Purky love