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More Pictures

Hey folks,

been taking loads of photographs 😀

                                                                Purky Glass Pendant

 Purky Glass Ring

Purky Gearpunk Heart Pendant

I am trying hard to get my photography up to scratch. What do you guys think?

Captain Purky


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Purky, another crazy month!

This Month, there was a Purky Party, Cads & Bounders and the London Steampunk Market.

I am absolutely exhausted to be honest folks.

Working full time in event hire (heavy lifting, tedious cleaning sums it up mostly) and then working till the early hours of the morning most nights to get my Purkiness ready has wiped me out.

I am going to do more detailed blog posts very soon, I know I said that before but, this week as I am so up together with my making I can focus on my writing.

Thankyou everyone for your patience and support

Captain Purky


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Purky Gearpunk

I do not like steampunk as an aesthetic…. Actually I feel guilty about it because on paper, it is so damned cool?

Anyways, steam is not my thing but Gears?

My gosh Gears make crazy, I love them!

I could literally cover my home in gear murals, even carve ornated tudor style plaster ceiling bosses in the shape of gears.

So, in celebration of the humble gear and cog, I dub my new style….GearPunk

There will be experiments, many many experiments before GearPunk hits the Purky lineup but it is coming sometime this year….mwah ha ha ha

Purky love to you all xxx