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Pyschometric job personality test….

Copied and pasted directly, are we surprised?



This questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the sort of jobs that might suit your style.
John Holland’s model of vocational choice suggests that people with particular interests and styles tend to favour certain types of jobs. Holland described six main types of person:

  • Realistic
  • Conventional
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Artistic
  • Investigative

Knowing the types you most (and least) fit can help you think about the types of role that may suit you.
Read below to find out what careers you seem to be suited to based on your results in the test:


Your results suggest that Artistic type work might suit your interests and preferences.
Artistic types are interested in creativity and art, preferring freedom and independence to following rules and procedures. Self-expression is very important to Artistic types and they may prefer to work alone. Typical roles for Artistic types include artist, singer, designer, photographer, musician, writer and actor.


Your results suggest that Enterprising type work might suit your interests and preferences.
Enterprising types like persuading and influencing people as well as controlling, managing and selling to them. They like to take a lead and are often quite motivated and ambitious but may be impatient and can find rules and detail frustrating. They tend to favour roles such as salesperson, manager, estate agent, supervisor, lawyer, advertising or marketing executive and often like positions that have status and prestige.


Your results suggest that Social type work might suit your interests and preferences.
Social types like roles that focus on helping, teaching or supporting others and very much prefer working with people to working with things or ideas. They tend to prefer working in teams and like to feel they are doing something useful. Typical roles for social types include teacher, counsellor, nurse, minister of religion, clinical psychologist or police officer.


Your results suggest that Realistic type work is less likely to suit your interests.
Realistic types generally prefer action to words, they like physical activity and may prefer working with things to working with people. They tend to favour jobs where they can work with their hands or produce things, and often like outdoor work. Typical roles that suit Realistic types are gardener, mechanic, driver, electrician, farmer, sportsperson, skilled trades, labourers and some engineering and military roles.


Your results suggest that Conventional type work is less likely to suit your interests.
Conventional types are happy to work within systems and large organisations and tend to focus on accuracy and efficiency, preferring to know what is expected of them. They tend to like things to be organised and predictable and are often involved in roles that involve recording, sorting, documenting and organising. Typical roles for Conventional types include the range of administrative and clerical roles (e.g. in the government and financial sectors) as well as accountancy, banking, bookkeeping, secretarial work and some inspecting roles.
This brief questionnaire can’t tell you exactly what you should do. It only suggests work areas to think about that may match the way you like to work but it can’t tell you whether you have the skills and qualifications for these jobs.
To take things further you should consult your local careers service or your local library. Use the right-hand navigation bars at the top of this page to find links to other careers sites.