I am not big on Christmas, or Yule or Hannukah or Kwanza but would never deny anyone else their ritual or fun or festive joy. I wonder if maybe it is because I work up until the last moment and put some much effort into fulfilling all the orders and […]

Day before the Eve

Hello lovely people, how are you? I am thinking on redirecting the blog or rather actually writing it more frequently. What would you like to see more of? My stats show that most of my hits come for the tutorials. I enjoy writing them and sharing my knowledge so more […]

Blog Directions

I got followed on Twitter by a very charming Otter and popped across to look at his (or her) page. How do you feel about otters? http://www.iamotter.co.uk I have now decided I want a pet otter and will make him or her a special water slide in the bathroom. Check […]

Otterly Delightful

Hello everybody its almost been too busy to keep track of. I have left Purky Towers and now live in the new Purky Enclave. Phileous Mogg has recovered and is here alongside my new beau and I. Much happiness appears to be forthcoming. I have started several new ventures and […]

Quick Catch up!

The Dark and Curious Market is a new venture. Following the recent success of the Purky Parties I have created a new sister company to Purky Products – Purky Productions.  It is my intention to bring exciting events to Wincanton and surrounding towns. The first market event being both Dark […]

The Dark and Curious Market

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘What is an Arcane Encounter?’ well my friends. Arcane Encounters is not a magic show, nor is it a demonstration of clairvoyant ability. This is something else. It is an up close and personal voyage into the unknown.  The techniques of a séance with […]

Arcane Encounters