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Heat embossing on Polymer Clay

Poooom da pom pom da poooooooom!

Well surely a post starting with a ceremonial trumpet solo can only be a good thing?

This is a mini tutorial on one way to do heat embossing on clay 🙂 I use it mainly for when I want a deeper colour/texture effect than mica powders.

Just a quickie before hand though!

Remember my texture plate I hand etched? well muggins here broke it while gouging out the lines to make them more defined. Undeterred I used each half of the plate as a stamp and lined them up!

First gather supplies.

  • A Heat Gun is jolly useful
  • Heat setting ink, versa colour brand here
  • Heat embossing powders
  • A piece of textured polymer clay

Ink up your luck piece of polymer clay, it has already been cured otherwise the powder sticks everywhere! :earned that one the hard way.

Tip over the powder. It will stick to the wet ink. Always place a piece of paper or similarly flexible surface underneath while doing this so you can tip the excess powder back into the jar.

Like so!

I know it looks kinda crusty at this point but have no fear.

Here is a video of me heat embossing in action, sadly I am rather lacking in camera skills and co-ordination when not equipped with a tripod. I think for a normal point and click it is pretty good though.

Here is the finished embossed piece looking all aged and bizzare 🙂