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Failure to land

I went to bed at 1am, having been up since 10am the previous day and laid there, awake until my DH’s alarm went off at 4am. I went downstairs and made him a coffee and did the washing up. Phil (the cat) was all intrigued and loving that I had surfaced so early.

So how come I failed to land? Well, lots of powerful conflicting emotions (damn artistic types!!!!) and unfulfilled desires of lots of types.

I have a lot of family orientated anxiety, well actually more specifically anger, unresolvable misery. I am going to drown the sadness and negativity the way I always have. Entering the fantastical world of being an artist, be it writing or making or whatever. Its how I continue to preserve my sanity and keep walking on.

However, I did do some amazing mental brainstorming which due to not falling asleep I remembered and have doodled down, yay! I have ordered some new crafty supplies which feels indulgent yet completely justifiable. There is a new range I have been meaning to get on the road for months and finally bought the components. 🙂

My lovely friend AJ has figured out a technical hitch in an item she has been developing. From the buzz going backwards and forwards between us I am really looking forward to meeting a prototype. Go nag her on her blog to get it finished for me.

Another fabulous lady is coming over later today to have a stitch and bitch session with me where I have to remember how to knit, so I can teach her….eeek!

On another positive note I have been refining my packaging ideas for the big etsy launch and DH has been talking about putting easy systems in place so I remember to post things 🙂

Looking at the fact is now nearly 6am I am assuming I will crash out eventually so will dissapear now 🙂