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Getting Ready for the Cardiff Steampunk Market :)

Very soon, I shall be trading at the Cardiff Steampunk Market

I am rather excited about this so I did a quick stock check and I am a tad low on my Gearpunk range.

This range is inspired by Steampunk but moves more across to revering the gears, I am officially obcessed with gears….

Anyways, I have run out of material now (waiting for a polymer delivery tomoz) so at 1am have decided to call it a night.

Heres whats been made so far!

I shall pop them in to cure and pop myself into bed!

Mwah everyone! xx

One thought on “Getting Ready for the Cardiff Steampunk Market :)

  1. Agh dude, they’re gorgeous. But I have to say . . . . . Only 1 butterfly? I supra love those!

    I hope you slept will.


    V xxxx

    P.S – I have some ‘just lavander’ bath salts, cherry lip balm and a ‘summers day’ bath bomb waiting here just for you!

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