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Heart of Purky

I like to think of love as being two people connecting and forming a bond. These bonds can last forever or maybe even a few days or hours.

The cynic in me says Love is either hormonal chemicals or social convenience but the real me has a very different opinion.

These heart pendants have not been made to cash in on Valentines Day. Recently I started to fall for an amazing guy but after a pretty intense eight weeks we have cooled down. That sensation of being entirely at the mercy of your heart and feelings is so intoxicating, bewildering and magnificent.

I have contrasted fractured metal leaf against Mokume Nendo. Both techniques are unpredictable and need careful handling to get the best results. They contrast with one another but show their closeness. The join is not smooth but toothed and meshed.

A bit like Love.

Purky Products is all about Handcrafted Joy.

What is Love if not the knife edge of Joy?

My Purkiest kisses for you all xxx