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Hi everyone,

Hello my friends in the blogoverse,

my sincere apologies for not blogging sooner but been very busy with moving house and not had easy internet access.

A lot of the emotional aspects of the break up came into finer focus as I removed my belongings from the home we shared and I believed we were happy in.

The first area I set up properly was the kitchen, its a bit raggedy and the cupboard doors are falling off but it feels very homely because in a bizarre coincidence it has the same fittings and finish as the kitechn in my mothers house.

I got a bed area sorted up on the messanine (sp? lol) and other stuff came in dribs and drabs.

The only major thing missing now is my studio equipment and materials, plus my cat the beloved Phileous Mogg.

Need to sort out whats in the house now then make an epic push to finish it all off.

As an aside, I am using the wifi of the local cafe bar, it doesnt have wifi for customers but I asked the barman very nicely and smiled.

Catch you all soon, I am sure my Purkiness will soon return