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It is Saturday yet again, fancy a button?

Yoho folks, another odd day in a series of bizare yet mundane weeks.

However, my weekly polymer clay fix is continuing. This is somewhat conducive to my happiness considering I am a professional artist!

I wanted to have another bash at the fractured leaf technique I botched up last week and in doing so I discovered something new!

Exhibit A : A glass baking sheet with some buttons, a bead, a repaired texture plate and a bizzare mobius inspired form…..

Exhibit B: happy button closeups, these are much more satisfying to me than last week’s 🙂 Fractured metal leaf tinted with alcohol ink and one textured button.

Now Exhibit C: Features the strange mobius shape. I was forming a round pendant with bevelled edges and decided it was too large so I used a cutter to remove the middle (I ended up discarding it anyway, sigh). I was left with this bizzare ribbon of clay and couldn’t stop myself pinching it together and voila!

Ahh serendipity…

With the addition of some trusty waxed cotton cording we have this beauty 🙂 It needs a proper thickness of leather methinks or perhaps suede but it has already survived the ‘Clumsy Harry’ test of being dropped down the stairs…..I have high hopes for this one.