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Just so you know….

I haven’t actually dissapeared off the face of the Planet.

It has been a hectic 8 weeks. I fell for that amazing chap I met in December, I am clearing my Mother’s house, I journeyed North for Christmas and to Cardiff for New Years.

I have started working on the new Purky Portfolio, made contact with large companies, started planning the first Purky show, started writing the Goblin Tailor performance.

I am writing the design document for the new Purky Products webpages, writing a new business plan, designing ten new ranges!

Phil and I are reconciled as Cat and Companion which is rather spiffing.

What else? I have a radical new direction for the business which shall be unveiled in due course.

Just to keep it ticking though, have a random smattering of Purky Pictures, they are being considered for the Portfolio 🙂

 Leaf Brooch – £10.00

 A selection of Revolution Pendants, all sold!

Golden Dragonfly Pendant £10.00 

 Embossed Pendant Experiment 🙂

 Filigree Mokume Nendo Pendant Experiment

Mobius Leaf Pendant Experiment 🙂

So, there we go, I will get back to blogging properly very soon, oh lovely folk.

Big Hugs

Purky xxx

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    1. Thankyou! 😀 More to come I promise x

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