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We hosted a mini party on Saturday which was kinda fun.

When I say kinda fun, I mean on Friday night I was dancing down the aisles of the supermarket filled with delight at the opportunity to cook (love cooking) and to socialise (adore socialising).

I did battle with my house to make it really tidy clean and presentable.

Would you like to see my spread?

I massively over-catered.

Cheese fondue, home made bread, meaty snacks and retro plates 🙂

Mmmm home made felafal!

Creamy, winey, cheesey hot gunk mmmmmmmmmm

My veggie side, home made roast vegtable pasta salad, home made potato salad, salady salad, indian veggie snacks, crudites and dips 😀

Just for good measure here is my DH playing Guitar Hero

And my cat looking magical 🙂

It was a really pleasant evening and cheered me up immensely. Took my mind of having no money, no job and a poorly car.

I have secured a commision for some silver jewellery today which has cheered me up a lot and posted my work up on craftster forum for some critique and comment.

Catch you laters

H xx