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Monday Blog Time

I hate dust, really do. It makes me sneeze, turns my eyes funny and even my lips start twitching. I do not mean dust in the Hayacinth Bucket sense but actual, ‘this room has been abandoned’ dust.

My DH has decreed that the house must become immaculate and I actually completely agree with him. Its just that artists (even the tidy ones) generate more mess than they are inclined to clear up. Or perhaps its just me. Oh that has to stay there while it cures, oh thats there becuase I am about to use it!…..four months later guess where it is?

This time I mean it though. I want to sort out a proper office space in the spare bedroom so I can photograph and pack items ready to sell via the magnificence of etsy. I have put several people on to etsy in the last month or so and they are all selling things. I am not as I have not listed anything, although my shop is registered. ARGH.

I am so demotivated its not true. I am back in my glass cupboard looking at all the possibilities but trapped and unable to act upon them. The frustrating thing is its my cupboard. I am gonna take a hammer to the bastard sometime soon.

This week, I have had three jobs…Whooo! One was part of a pyramid scheme ripping off the elderly, so I left after the second day of training. I am unfortunately burdened with a strong sense of ethics. The second is some minor ongoing agency work in a cheese factory. Nict Fun. The third is the saddest. I qualify in every way for the job except I have not been registered as unemployed for six months. What?

So, in order to keep up the AsboApseys, I did some funky prototyping for a range I was hoping to release for valentines.

It is using my classic technique of embossing powders and texture but unlike a lot of folks I apply the powder directly to the texture rather than stamping onto smooth flat clay. I really dig this effect and wish I more types of powder and texture.

To this end I have started carving some lino to make texture plates. 🙂

Plus this one was a free formed texture using a needle tool and some pen lids to create the rings.

The original idea was to create the look of aged metals with a patina but that has sort of shifted sideways into a more abstract form.

Yeah, I am addicted to verdigris powder…. I am wondering if I can mix in some sand to create a more textured effect.

I love swirls inside hearts. Got a sort of motif going on methinks.

Interestingly (to me at least) Gold tinsel powder has a really gritty texture when its cured. I don’t know whether I just put too much on though.

Anyways, I had best finish my cup of coffee, finish checking out other folks blogs and then go to some tidying up to create my dream (ish) workspace 🙂



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  1. I am so loving these Dude, they’re so gorgeous in the flesh. Really different, I’m well impressed! As for that glass cupboard break the bloody thing down panel by panel!! I’m glad you feel you have to keep up with me though! Hee hee. Big hugs!!

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