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Monday Money

So here we are, ‘Hello Monday’

Traditionally a day of sorting things out. Popping to the bank, listing things on folksy, photographing stock, maybe making a few things, sending out emails etc.

I am in a very unproductive mood and rather anxious about Money. That big scary thing that very few people have enough of.

We are slightly behind with our rent at the Purky Enclave and coupled with two large event expenditures coming up in February I am wary that ends may not quite meet. Where should cuts be made?

Happily I learned how to budget from my frugal Mother (and how to splurge from my Father) and have been feeding us quite well on minimal financial input. I have lined up a few expenses to cut thus maximising our cash flow.

I am quite keen on the idea of finding a reasonably paid 9-5 job where I do not work weekends. That would maintain a lot of my flexibility for attending events whilst topping up the household income. We are not far far behind just a few hundred pounds extra a month would make all the difference.

Historically I have worked until stupid o clock in the morning to keep up with my artistic ambitions and hold down paid work. So this is rather achieveable, if I can find a job.

Plus I am relatively confident that the quality and variety of my new work will start to pay off in the next six months. Several small shops are interested in stocking my work locally and I am trying to build on my online sales.

So temporary boost in finances – commit for six months maybe? and then jump back into part time work and artistry?

Appeals to me.

Have a beautiful leaping bronze Gearcat Brooch picture, for positivity 🙂

Much love from Captain Purky xx