Aloha everyone, how are you all? I have been working on something new and exciting 🙂   More info to come!   Captain P x

Previews and new directions!

Currently my partner and I are in the process of doing battle with our home. It is frankly cluttered and disorganised. Last year we took in Lodgers and lost access to one of the rooms, we moved our things around, didnt really deal with it when the lodgers moved out […]

New Ideas

Hi folks, Happy new year! Its that time for introspection and preparation. I have decided to place everything that has angered or saddened me from 2013 into a bubble, to accept it happened and move on. It is not being ignored but it is not being dwelt upon either. I […]


I am not big on Christmas, or Yule or Hannukah or Kwanza but would never deny anyone else their ritual or fun or festive joy. I wonder if maybe it is because I work up until the last moment and put some much effort into fulfilling all the orders and […]

Day before the Eve

I always feel at this time of year, after the final orders have been posted I have some time to think and consider what to do. Learning how to use wordpress properly, investing my time back into the blog and making some videos are key on the list. I hope […]

This time of year

Hello lovely people, how are you? I am thinking on redirecting the blog or rather actually writing it more frequently. What would you like to see more of? My stats show that most of my hits come for the tutorials. I enjoy writing them and sharing my knowledge so more […]

Blog Directions

So erm, fell behind and have three pictures for you as a catch up!  A delicious piece of fused glass 🙂 A fine silver rustic style charm My ‘Comet’ style of fused glass necklace

A photo a day, 8, 9 and 10.