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Lots of excitement!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well!

Lots of exciting news to share with you.

I have been in Making Jewellery magazine for a fourth time, with a designer profile.

I have an exhibition at a fabulous cafe in Glastonbury starting in April.

The Purky Site has had a swift redesign, so please let me know what you think!


Much love


Captain P x


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So been thinking about this on and off for a year now.

The Purky Studio is somewhat limited in equipment and to really achieve the artistic aspirations and dreams that I have, it is time to upgrade.

Bertha is a wonderful little beast but constant use is starting to wear her out and it is time for a big sister. This would allow me to create much larger pieces, to work more small pieces at the same time, to expand my creative horizons.

Ideally Bertha needs a service also. Her internal walls are starting to erode away and the hinges on her door are starting to disintergrate. (Literally crumbling/burning away from high heat work)

Would you folks consider (you are already so astonishing so I hesitate to ask) being part of a Kickstarter project for Purky Products?

Ostensibly the project would be to purchase a larger kiln, enabling the production of glass vessels, such as platters, vases and sculptures, large ceramic pieces, such as hides, luminaries, vases and sculptures. Plus associated materials for such endevours.

This would massively open the scope of Purky Products and give me the opportunity to wholesale my work and reach out to potential stockists and retailers with the capacity to realistically fulfil orders.

The Kickstarter money would also be used to pay the booking fees for shows across the country in multiple different fandoms and niches. Comic cons, reptile expos, faery gatherings, sci fi extravaganzas and the like.

I would off course offer beautiful and intriguing perks for those who assisted with the kickstart.

With your support Purky Products has managed to survive. In fact with your support you have allowed both the Commander and I to survive the loss of my job, the Zapp family shop and many other trials.

If I could be so bold as to ask again, would you like to be part of Purky flourishing?

You are all superstars and my daily correspondence with you brings so much light, hope and laughter to my life.

If the answer is no, then I entirely understand and shall continue to work hard and with great dedication.

If the potential answer is yes, then I shall put together a Kickstarter.

Much love on a wet Wednesday.

Harry x

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The Creation of Skull Two

“This is an album with step by step photos of how I created my wall art piece ‘Skull Two’ he or she may become part of a series and is my first large scale piece of wall art.

Made using mixed media techniques the finished piece is yet to be mounted and framed.

Materials used include, Plaster, plastic gems, Polymer Clay, Silver Powder and Polymer Clay

I hope you enjoy :)”

From The Creation of Skull Two, posted by Purky Products on 1/23/2014 (13 items)

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New Ideas

Currently my partner and I are in the process of doing battle with our home. It is frankly cluttered and disorganised. Last year we took in Lodgers and lost access to one of the rooms, we moved our things around, didnt really deal with it when the lodgers moved out and so there is lots of chaos.

I really love zoned spaces so at the moment I am trying to create a distinct office for my partner, a proper bedroom for us and a proper studio space for me.

It is sort of working but of course it is a bigger job than we anticipated.

What is rather lovely is that the process of tidying things is kickstarting my brain and I am having creative ideas again, particuarly for polymer clay. This is a huge relief because I thought I had lost touch with the material. My suspicion is that when I pick up some clay to work in it I shall struggle but hoping my skills will return. Over the years, as I have explored other materials such as metal and glass I have become less exploratory with polymer clay. I have been relying upon old favourites from my customers and not pushed the envelope.

This must change, I have been published three times now as a polymer clay artist in a national jewellery magazine. Time to change, grow and evolve. Hoping to pull in techniques from the new materials I have explored and revisit and renew my favourite ideas from the past.

Got an urge to make larger polymer clay pieces and to charge appropriately for them. I have always underpriced the level of skill and time that I put into my polymer clay. Time to shake that up and rather than limit my work to suit my perception of the market value to simply make what I want. Charge what is appropriate and worry if anyone will buy it later on.




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Hi folks,

Happy new year! Its that time for introspection and preparation. I have decided to place everything that has angered or saddened me from 2013 into a bubble, to accept it happened and move on.

It is not being ignored but it is not being dwelt upon either.

I do not really do new year resolutions but I have some goals to work on.

1) Return to the blog and post once a week

2) Work on my Youtube channel and post once a week (more likely to be once a fortnight but I will try)

3) Declutter my home leaving only the things that are important

4) Experiment with metal clay once again

5) Rediscover polymer clay

6) Improve my ceramic skills

7) Improve my Glasswork skills

8) Launch my first book on time

9) Collaborate more with my fabulous creative friends

10) Drop some weight so I feel more comfortable

11) Stabilise my finances

12) Work on this website

I think that is probably enough to be going on with for now. I appreciate they are quite wooly goals but I feel this gives me space to work on them in my own time.

It always takes me a few weeks for the new year to bed down and there are lots of issues here in the Purky Enclave with money and moving rooms around and all that sort of stuff.

Happy New Year to you again and lets get started on our new Adventures


Harry xx

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Day before the Eve

I am not big on Christmas, or Yule or Hannukah or Kwanza but would never deny anyone else their ritual or fun or festive joy.

I wonder if maybe it is because I work up until the last moment and put some much effort into fulfilling all the orders and almost forget to celebrate?

However this year I am very proud that I have managed to source almost all of my presents from clever artistic peeps (who will be revealed next year – spoilers!)

Also rather pleased that the orders have shipped and I am sat here typing with the fire burning.

Hope all of you folks are feeling fab and festive and raring to go! Travel safely in this horrid weather and much Purky love.


H x

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Blog Directions

Hello lovely people, how are you?

I am thinking on redirecting the blog or rather actually writing it more frequently.

What would you like to see more of? My stats show that most of my hits come for the tutorials. I enjoy writing them and sharing my knowledge so more of those?

I love sharing my photos with you also.

Things have been very dificult at the Purky Enclave as I have been made redundant but happily I am using the time constructively to create new beautiful things and explore other directions.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Much love

Captain P x