Copied and pasted directly, are we surprised?   Results This questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the sort of jobs that might suit your style. John Holland’s model of vocational choice suggests that people with particular interests and styles tend to favour certain types of jobs. Holland described […]

Pyschometric job personality test….

Ooooh does anyone else sense some momentum? A cast bronze leaping gearcat brooch

A picture a day 3

Erm, still does what is says on the tin 🙂 A polymer clay millefiori pendant 🙂

A picture a day 2

It does what it says on the tin 🙂 This a fused glass piece, made from hand cut glass fused and annealed in my kiln.

A Picture A Day

It is no real secret that I am looking for a new job. Something to take me away from tedious manual labour in a frankly bitchy hetero-male dominated environment. I really respect my immediate boss and the company directors but the rest of them are…well I think personally they are […]

Personal Redirection

I got followed on Twitter by a very charming Otter and popped across to look at his (or her) page. How do you feel about otters? I have now decided I want a pet otter and will make him or her a special water slide in the bathroom. Check […]

Otterly Delightful

So I have been meaning to do this for absolutely ages. Essentially a slideshow video showing off my work as a viewable portfolio. I found a copy of Windows Movie Maker on my laptop (whoop!) and gave it a go. The music is a free download (link in the description) […]

Purky Video :)

Just a quickie really, experimenting with using frit in a mould to cast pendants. Shall be rather exciting methinks 🙂 I mixed frits of various consistancies together to see what effects could be created. Much Purky love Captain P x

Glass Casting – experiment!

Just a quickie, but a local shop have a project for me. So look what I have pulled out of Purky storage….. Exciting, no? Much Purky Love Captain P x

Look What I found….