So here we are, ‘Hello Monday’ Traditionally a day of sorting things out. Popping to the bank, listing things on folksy, photographing stock, maybe making a few things, sending out emails etc. I am in a very unproductive mood and rather anxious about Money. That big scary thing that very […]

Monday Money

I do not really get along well with January. Traditionally lots of people have post seasonal blues and I understand and accept that. Somehow though, I get sucked into a pit of self hatred and misery that becomes overwhelming. It causes me to isolate myself and judge everything I do […]


Hey folks, been taking loads of photographs 😀                                                                                                                            Purky Glass Pendant  Purky Glass Ring Purky Gearpunk Heart Pendant I am trying hard to get my photography up to scratch. What do you guys think? Captain Purky x

More Pictures

So, me being me, I took my work to market fairly rapidly… I have something of an intense R&D process! These pictures are from the Frome Frost Fair on December 19th which was my last formal Purky engagement of the year. This is the selection of Glass pieces I took […]

First Encounters of a Glassy Kind

As you may have seen in my New Year Post I have finally invested in significant glass equipment (this actually happened in mid November!) Here are some sneaky pics taken during my experiments Cutting glass with a toyo cutter on a craft mat, I have now upgraded to a proper […]

Glassing Around

So today, for better or worse I turned down a day of paid employment (deep gasp) to work on my business. The logic being that I need to invest my time and energy in order to generate an income rather than just working for the man despite that money being […]

Photo Day!

I suppose scary is not really the right word but it is a rather large list…. These are really just titles for projects, some are continuations and some are brand new 🙂 The Magnificent Maker’s Market The Dark and Curious Market The Purky Parties The Three G Writing Project The […]

The Big Scary List of Purky Projects

Not sure where I stand on Resolutions but going to give it a try anyway. Even if they end being more like general directions! I have decided to break the resolutions up to fit the different areas of my life, just for a bit of definition 🙂 Purky Products Resolutions […]

A Resolute Captain Purky

So, I am not brilliant with New Years eve and find it a tad conceited. Surely every day is a new year because it is a year since that day last fell? Plus I have a string of miserable or anticlimatic new years eve experiences to draw cynicism from. However, […]

2012, bits of the year in review