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Saturday Morning Studio Time!

Hola folks!

You cannot be a glass cannon of artistic ego without actually doing something artistic or creative, otherwise you would simply be a….Glass? Anyway, I bullied myself into the studio this morning despite staying up until 2am watching Comic Relief.

I photographed some bits I have been toying with such as these ginormous buttons…..

Which I am pretty unhappy with to be honest. I messed up the kato liquid glazing and managed to burn the pretty white one with my heat gun. I also mis-spaced the holes on the green one and didn’t crackle the gold one enough! In future I will also space the holes on the red style one in a more ‘designed’ pattern. I was sort of going for a ‘shotgun blast’ look but not too impressed.

However, lets have a mini tutorial type thing to gloss over some of my flaws 🙂

Take some scrap clay…..

Abuse it with your Pasta machine until you have a lovely muddy colour and gather a selection of textured implements…..

I personally roll the clay into a sheet of setting number 1 thickness and then fold it over to make a nice thick pad. I also mix it into mud colour so I can see what textures are showing through without the complication of pretty marbled colours…

Dent, I mean texture the clay to produce an interesting sheet. These plate are being made specifically for cufflinks so the majority of the patterns are relatively masculine. Straight lines, rivets etc.

Oh look! Its those pesky buttons again. The bottom plate was made using a large screw and the top one is a cast metal button I found on the floor.

I got into the idea of carving out a sort of flowing leafy wave type pattern but the fimo soft kept ‘bobbling’ and so I dug out some…..dun de de de dun da daaaa!!!!

Manky old sculpey! which takes texture much more effectively and I should have thought of first.

And so here are out plates. The wonky metal plate, the found button plate, the screw plate, the leafy wave plate and the random plate.

These fellas are baking in my clay oven and I will post what happens with them another time 🙂

I am off to visit my Mother in hospital later and with any luck may get back in the garden this week.

Much Purky loving and stuff


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  1. Hey dude, I’m loving these textured plates they look great. Can’t wait to see them finished! In answer to your question I’m getting some ex free-range hens, possibly Columbian Black Tails I’m not too sure. xx

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