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Studio Saga

I am messy….. well, I like to think I am untidy rather than dirty. Healthy clutter?

Anyways I and my friend the FutureRobot took on my studio earlier this week so that I had space to actually do some creating rather than just mulling over Purky past. It started like this….

Entering from the stairs of doom, the studio is the middle room out of three. We live in a maisonette which is a posh way of saying two storey flat. I hate clutter and mess but it seems to love hanging around me.

From left to right we have half used milliefiori canes, colour samples, scrap clays, inks, powders, a corner full of crackled metal leaf projects, a partly completed lamp project, chemicals, boxes of beads etc. Urgh. Note Pasta machine location as well.

 From right to left we have canes, unbaked projects, disorganised sheleves of mediocrity, a fleeing Ikea lamp that cannot take the mess anymore!

 Plaster, baking racks, resin scales, commendeered food processors and my baby clay oven.

 And a pile of stuff in poorly stuffed drawers…eeek!

 But then my friend FutureRobot said ‘Have no fear, we shall sort this out!’

 He waved his dual function wand / sculpting staff and my powders, clays, inks, foils, leaf and tools became magically organised.

 The work surface was restored to white shiny-ness. Although the fractured leaf project is still in the corner… My pasta machine moved itself to a better location.

 The task specific lighting breathed a sigh of relief and cast their gaze upon the newly discovered table tops.

 The food processors and ovens stopped their territorial feud realising there was space for all of them to co-exist happily.

And my tools had a massive gang bang in their new drawer. I mean seriously, every time I look there seem to be more. I swear they are breeding.

The new view from the stairs of doom 🙂

There is the saga of the Purky Studio, deep in the Purky Tower, in deepest, darkest Somerset.